1. Me: compensate 100% of African Americans for 400 years.
    ADOS: compensate 75% of African Americans for 90 years.

    And for that, they are willing to divide African Americans among themselves. And are linked to the anti-immigration lobby.

  2. Excellent program. Moore & Carnell are adherents of Dr. Darity Although Dr.Darity comes across as mild mannered, I wondered whether or not he would bring some of their lunacy to the table. It was good to hear that he disabused the notion of having any protégés & also largely agreed with your stance on the subject. I welcomed the intrepid Bruce Dixon of the Black Agenda Report excoriating critique of Moore, Carnell & the continuing disappointing Cornel West. Your reference of Dr Walters correct statement that colonized people returning to the imperial metropolis was correct & left Dr Darity with no rejoinder . Not that I think the Federal government are going to give Afrikans any reparations , where do the indigenous people, who were the victims of genocide & are largely interned in concentration camps, where do they stand in the reparations debate?

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