As a follow up and response to his keynote address on the state of mass media and journalism Robert McChesney sat down this morning with Jared Ball for a discussion of that address.  This all was part of the Center for American and World Cultures Robert E. Strippel Memorial at Miami University (OH).  McChesney and Ball discussed differences of historical interpretation, societal function of media and journalism, as well as, media (social and political) justice.*

*February 17, 2012


  1. Gregory Haney

    McChesney is wrong about Paine. The French won the war and he seems to diminish racism and genocide as the fulcrum of American imperialism. Only one-third of the white population at the time were for the war and imperialists had to rely on the French to supply money and troops. All these people had empire on their minds according to Washington. McChesney seems to miss the point about racism and these white men were talking about themselves.

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