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  1. I’m very disappointed that Tony – a ‘communist’ comrade from way back in the 1970s – has chosen to grossly misrepresent Gerald Horne’s views, even if he fundamentally disagrees with them. I find this to be the HEIGHT of unprincipled political practice. If Tony recognizes that Gerald’s outlook represents a legitimate view (of many views) within the Black Liberation and social justice movement, he is obligated to show, at the very least, enough respect that view and represent it honestly.

    His view is, essentially, this: the American ‘revolution’ of 1776 is a colossal myth. In reality it was a COUNTERREVOLUTION, of a powerful section of the colonial ruling class who FIRST AND FOREMOST wanted to, 1) nullify the Royal Proclamation of 1762 (prohibiting further westward colonial expansion 2) prevent the possible abolition of slavery in the British colonies.

    Whether Tony agrees with this take on American history or not, he must admit that, for the most part, MANY radical black intellectuals and revolutionaries – notwithstanding the great Frederick Douglass, and some others – have ALWAYS, more or less, concurred with Horne’s thesis. It not only makes more sense to us than the dominant ‘official’ narrative we’ve been subjected to for several centuries, it has the potential, imo, to greatly help to UNDERMINE the white supremacy and nationalism, which emerged, and consolidated, before and after 1776, to justify and protect the capitalist, colonial land theft and chattel slavery.

    If Tony isn’t careful, he and his ilk will, very soon, find themselves, wittingly or unwittingly, marching hand-in-hand with the current gang of ANTI-Critical Race reactionaries and other white (Christian) nationalists on the right, left and center; fighting AGAINST most of the black community, ‘people of color’ and (most ) women, and others.

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