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  1. The BIGGEST mistake Finkelstein makes – the same one many white leftists make – is conflating the liberal bourgeois identity politics of Coates and Kendi with the principled critique of white supremacy/nationalism, which Davis and Kelley are putting forth. At the very least they aren’t familiar with the Black Radical tradition. At worst, Finkelstein and co, are intentionally, or unintentionally, promoting their own ‘leftist’ flavor of white supremacy/nationalism.

    RE: Bernie Sanders . . .Before he capitulated, for the second time, to the neoliberal leadership of the Democratic Party, a case could be made that, objectively, he not only helped to revive a national interest in some version of socialism, the independent political base he was able to create as a result of two impressive presidential campaigns, arguably, laid the foundations for a long-overdue, left-leaning, independent political party.

    Bernie SQUANDERED the opportunity.

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