1. Gm Dr. Jared my bro. I have just question. What can be more honest then a mofo stating his truth? Nuance n derail sometimes is just not needed. For instance I heard a bro on the phone one day, say while feverishly walking to his destination “my only problem in life is a jew”.Should I care to know his personal experience with jews or draw from the collective that feel the same? This dude in video is a clown n etc. But here’s some facts. Jews benefitted from helping to enslave us black people n has continued to exploit blacks from everything from entertainment, real estate n controlling educational systems like New Yorks. See Ocean Hill Brownsville case in Brooklyn NY in the 1970s n which ethnic group were completely opposed to black/brown community control. Jews!
    Maybe “we” should have a real conversation on how Jewish wealth came to be. Until then, the aforementioned bro comment stands. The devil maybe in the detail and black people know the details oh to well.
    Ps. That was more than a question lolll.

    1. Peace. You will never convince me that nuance is bad and can “derail.” Not if we want an analysis and real understanding. I have had several real conversations about wealth creation for Jews and others and your summary is way too over-simplistic. If you don’t like Jews, fine. But if you want to know why Jews have ended up where they have and more you will have to move beyond these non-explanatory summaries and get to real history. Did any group’s involvement in slavery end inequality within those groups or simply help elite classes in each group solidify and consolidate their power? But if you want it to be just about Jews being some super group of uber-humans who can do what no one else has or can then ill just fall back now and say peace, good luck.

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