Esi Ramu sat down for this legendary first-time ever conversation with both Drs. Frances Cress-Welsing (March 18, 1935 – January 2, 2016) and Marimba Ani.  They spoke of Trayvon Martin, White supremacy and African liberation.


  1. If we as the parent race, cannot observe our ancestral sisters profound intellectual contributions in real time without the distraction and disruption of an inerative loop, then how can clarity prevail?

  2. Upon Sis Dr Frances Cress-Welsing’s death Mr R.L.Stephens II posted a very ‘curiously’ timed ‘critique’ of Dr Welsing’s melanin-based race analysis & theory re: white-supremacy [entitled: ‘The Hidden Colors of Frances Cress Welsing’s Historical Legacy’]- as [according to Stephens] inherently counter-revolution & reactionary. One can read what Stephens posted on his blog @ -&- also @ BAR:

    I’ve commented extensively on Stephens’ critique of Dr Welsing [including its ‘curious’ timing] @ BAR’s site. I also wanted to do so directly @ Stephens’ ‘Orchestrated Pulse’ site, but could NOT see how to post comments.

    Any thoughts &/or comments on Stephens’ ‘curiously timed’ critique of the Late Sis Dr Welsing- IE: What’s his ‘beef’ w her really all about??!

  3. As a global minority with a recessive genotype if left alone, don’t they die out anyway, for lack of
    genetic diversity?

  4. Ma-at Hotep! Just following what the great Sisters said will go a long way to solving most of our problems!!

  5. I am greatly appreciative of the work of these two humble and gentile Black Queens for channelling the dynamic African energy of Diop, Garvey and Malcolm and expressing those principles from a spiritual, psychological and political perspective that helps us to think more critically about the challenges posed by the global system of racism and white supremacy that is destroying the the entire community of humans on this planet.

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