African Liberation in Brazil: An Interview w Ama Mizani

We spoke recently about African liberation with Ama Mizani of Afrocentricity International about the struggle in Brazil.* *Initially intended for our on-air broadcast we’ve had to upload the stripped-down versions of these interviews so as to avoid any copyright conflicts with our audio hosts at Soundcloud (for my own thoughts on copyright please see I Mix What I Like! A Mixtape Manifesto).  We will be uploading more interviews and remaining parts of these interviews in the days to come.


  1. Regarding the Brazilian Activist – yep she has to organize and put those beautiful women in her demonstrations and the men – black and whatever will follow/participate. This technique has been used since 1910 to organize the samba schools – why not political organizations and organizing. Anyone who thinks that they are going to change the social dynamic of men chasing beautiful women – think about Winnie Mandela and Kathleen Cleaver. In fact maybe she should be organizing the Samba Schools – their messages are sometimes political, but less and less these days. In the old days back in the 1970’s the Samba Schools were very political and Rio would literally shut down during Carnival – the only things open were bars and restaurants. It was called “Carnival Na Rua” or Carnival in the Streets! There were Blocos(100-499 people) and Ranchos(25-100 people) leading the party street by street. Over 500 was a Samba School back then, now the big Samba Schools can be up to 5,000 people. You don’t see the Ranchos or Blocos going street by street anymore. What I noticed back in the day was that, they were like small armies marching through the entire city – literally taking over.

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