In this edition of iMiXWHATiLiKE! we paid tribute to Kwame Ture, talked Brazil, the World Cup and Black Politics with Dr. Ollie Johnson and then talked hip-hop with Jimmie Thomas of the Curators of Hip-Hop and Omar Akbar aka Labtekwon.

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  1. The world cup/ fifa is a imperial, criminal project, that serves to displace the impoverished inhabitants of the host nations. Azania & Brazil wasted much money facilitating the needs for the fifa cartel. Noam Chomsky rapped on why sports is used as a psychological weapon to anesthetize populations. Chomsky said sports is used to engender patriotism & obedience. As a recovering sports/football fanatic. I wasted time & energy focusing on athletics. I definitely listen to the program before I comment. As hard as you cats push hip hop , ( unless I missed it) was any mentioned made of the hip hop concert given at the grand opening of the Real News building? The artists that performed were straight out of Baltimore. Is there a movement at wpfw to bring back Tom Porter? Mr Porter was consistent in providing the listing audience with a geo-political anaylsis from an Afrikan perspective. Are you trying to schedule an interview with Gerald Horne regarding his latest dynamite book? We have to be careful of myth creation in reference to our so-called leaders. Kwame Ture blew a tremendous opportunity to take the AAPRP to the next level. I wonder if brother Ture realized that sincere & serious radical work would incur the wrath of the police state.

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