The 50th Anniversary of the March/Farce on Washington w Ajamu Baraka

Ajamu Baraka joined us to discuss his recent essay lamenting the participation of Barack Obama at this week’s 50th Anniversary March on Washington.  Baraka describes Obama as a “negation” of the liberation movement and a false “symbol” that fraudulently attempts to unite a freedom movement with an anti-Black and capitalist state.

Ajamu Baraka is a human rights defender whose experience spans three decades of domestic and international education and activism.  Baraka is a veteran grassroots organizer whose roots are in the Black Liberation Movement, anti-apartheid and Central American solidarity struggles.  He can be found online at


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Author: Jared Ball
Emancipatory Journalism & Media Jared A. Ball is a father and husband. After that he is a professor of Media and Africana Studies and produces multimedia for > Dr. Jared A. Ball

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  1. Malcolm’s critique does still remain cogently apropos. A most interesting and informative take on the bamboozling mythologizing of the March on Washington ’63 & a current perspective on the marginal space affording radical vision for progress. The bourgeois status quo must not be accepted as inevitable, lest all hope for radical transformation be lost.

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