Black Liberation Movement veteran, philosopher, ethnomusicologist and godfather Mr. Tom Porter joined us to discuss the late “Mayor for Life” Marion Barry and old friend Amiri Baraka.  We also were joined again by Association of Black Psychologists’ Dr. Marva Robinson for her first-person account of the latest from Ferguson.  We heard from Mumia Abu-Jamal and his thoughts on Ferguson and also music from NWA, Jasiri X, D Noble, and the “Mayor of DC Hip-Hop” Head-Roc.


  1. This is may unrelated, but Peep:

    Charles Barkley calls Ferguson rioters ‘scumbags,’ supports grand jury decision
    ‘Those aren’t black people, those are scumbags,’ Barkley said of looters who targeted businesses
    and police cars following a grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting
    death of black teenager Michael Brown.

    “The true story came out from the grand jury testimony,” Barkely said, adding that
    “three or four witnesses, who were black, said exactly what the cop [WILSON] said.”…s-ferguson-rioters-scumbags-article-1.2029358

    1. ‘Chuck-Barks’ calls Black People scumbags for so-called ‘looting & burning’ a dozen stores [the way the Cops left black stores unprotected- I would NOT be surprised if some of this was done by ‘agent provocateurs’ {see my comment above about Mike Brown Sr’s Church burning]-
      Yet he’s the same guy that boasts about going to mafia [both Italian & Jewish] controlled Las Vegas & blowing $100,000 in just 1 night at the ‘crap-tables’!!! I bet ‘Chuck-Barks’ won’t call the Vegas Mafia ‘scumbags’- less he ends-up in a body-bag!!!

      1. Hey- Ain’t ‘Chuck-Barks’ the same guy that was once arrested for a drunken Bar Brawl including destruction of property!!! And that was NOT even for a cause!!!

        1. } Some [IE: ‘Sir’ Chuck Barks, ‘Morning Joe’, Rude Fooliani, FOX Noise, etc…] complain angrily that what happened in Ferguson was a riot in which private property was destroyed and innocent people were adversely impacted. FYI: On Dec 16, 1773, so-called ‘oppressed’ white Americans committed what the British authorities labeled as serious criminal acts. They forced their way aboard British merchant ships in Boston Harbor, used axes to break into the cargo hold where tea was stored and threw the tea into the water. These so-called ‘hooligans’ [now they’d be called ‘Thugs’] also trashed and burned the houses of the Brits colony’s 1% and even beat and tarred and feathered them.
          – These crimes and riots, ooops forgive me, today they are not considered crimes or riots at-all are they? Rather they’re celebrated as justified patriotic acts of rebellion [aka ‘the Boston Tea Party Rebellion’] that were necessary because the white Citizen’s efforts to petition their government for redress were ignored so they had no other choice. Maybe the so-called riot in Ferguson is likewise an understandable rebellious response to ignored efforts seeking redress? … { see @

          Uhm whacha gotta to say about that ‘Sir’ Chuck Barks???

  2. After Wilson told his story, Mr. Stephanopulous should have asked him would he be willing to take a polygraph to corroborate history.

  3. Less wordy recap of quick reason Ferguson got it wrong so far.

    1. Darren Willson is alive
    2. It only took 10,000$ to buy a 67% black town’s mayorship and city council .
    3. All the people involved in this cabal of legal lynchers could all easily have their careers ended if people were more politically aware and active.
    4. Not burning down the police station during riot.
    5.Proclaiming a victory because Darren Wilson resigned with his 800k+ race solider bounty for killing an African.
    6. Having a weak and passive slogan.
    7. Allowing political prostitutes to give you inconsequential forms of retribution because they don’t want to challenge democrat power in that state.
    8. Holding mixed marches on a very racialized issue.
    9. Boycotting instead of building and supporting your own alternatives for permanent divestment.
    10. Darren Wilson is alive

    R.W.R Marion Barry

  4. Few will not shop, the rest will shop the day after and pat themselves on the back for sticking it to the day prescribed. In other news worthless sound and fury fell on much of Ferguson as of late with a few fire tinged crescendos illustrating the frustration of the choir as they were taken back to re-runs of past showtunes. White parishioner helped sing backup in blackface for the duration of the ballad. In the end we all went home and were left wanting for the resolution that never could come from the lungs of the guilty. Prosecutor McCulloch played on emotions of the crowd to a tee and secured a 4yr encore for his performance.

  5. Why Killer Cop Wilson Actually Incriminates Himself w His Testi-Lying ‘Tall-Tale’ [just as Killer Z’s ‘Tall-Tale’ was Really Incriminating to Himself]

    Not that Killer Cop Wilson’s 6ft 4in & weighs 210 – 220lbs- thus Wilson’s about Mike Brown’s height but weighs about 50 – 60 lbs less than ‘Big Mike’ did..
    Note this excerpt from his ABC interview [see @ ]
    } “I reached out of the window, and I felt the immense power that he had. It was like a five-year-old trying to hold onto Hulk Hogan. He was a very large, a very powerful man.”
    “You’re a pretty big guy,” ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos observed.
    “Yeah, I’m above average,” he said.
    In fact, Wilson is 6ft 4ins tall, about an inch taller than Brown. {
    In this interview Wilson says he has NO regrets. Not only does Wilson claim Mike Brown was like the ‘Hulk’, but also was like a Demon [“He {Mike Brown} looked at me {Killer cop Wilson} w a ‘Demon Face’ “]
    Killer Cop Wilson’s version vs Mike Brown’s companion Dorian Johnson’s version of the struggle at the squad car [see @ ]
    Wilson: } By almost all accounts, Michael Brown was in a physically struggle with the Wilson thru his open window moments before Wilson fatally shot him on Aug. 9.
    Wilson blamed it on Brown, saying the teenager reached through his driver’s side window, hit him in the face, called him a “pussy” and grabbed his gun. Wilson told the grand jury that he pulled the trigger twice in his own defense, but no shots went off. “This guy [Brown] is going to kill me if he gets ahold of this gun. I [Wilson] pulled it a 3rd time, it goes off.”
    Wilson spotted Brown and a friend [Dorian Johnson] walking down the center of a residential street, and told them to move aside. They refused, and [Wilson claims] Brown responded with an expletive.
    That was the moment when Wilson said he realized Brown matched the description of the robbery suspect, and decided to confront the young men single-handedly, backing up his vehicle to block Brown’s path.
    Wilson said he tried to open his vehicle door, Brown pushed it shut, and then he pushed Brown with the door before Brown reached in and hit him in the face…
    “I drew my gun, “Get back or I’m going to shoot you.” – “He immediately grabs my gun and says, ‘You are too much of a pussy to shoot me,'” Wilson told the grand jury… {

    Dorian Johnson: } Johnson saw it differently saying: The cop [Wilson] pulled up and told us ‘Get the f-ck out of the street. We said we were near our destination. [Mike Brown’s grand Mother’s house]. He [Wilson] then pulled off, but then slammed on the brakes threw his squad car in reverse- pulling his vehicle so close to them that when Wilson tried to open the door, it hit Brown hard and bounced back. Then, Wilson’s “arm came out the window, and that’s the first initial contact that they had. The officer grabbed, ahold of Big Mike’s shirt around the neck,” Johnson said. {

    Wilson’s first shot in / near the squad car went thru Brown’s hand from a distance of 6 to 9 inches, the St. Louis County ME’s office determined. It was the only bullet that hit Brown at close range, spilling blood that stained Wilson’s pants leg and the interior driver’s side door handle.
    The fatal shots came moments later. Johnson fled, then Brown, and the officer left the car in pursuit.
    Wilson testified that Brown then reversed course and approached him. He fired a round of shots, and said Brown paused, then came at him again, “just coming straight at me like he was going to run right thru me.”
    “And when he gets about 8 to 10 feet away, I look down, I remember looking at my sites and firing, all I see is his head and that’s what I shot.”
    Brown fell to the ground, fatally wounded by the last of the 7 bullets that struck his body [IE: Wilson shot Brown at-least a total of 8Xs, NOT the often quoted 6]. {

    There are multiple problems w Killer Cop Wilson’s tale: He claims he was ‘like a 5 yr old child wrestling w Hulk Hogan, he was a very powerful man.‘ – except Mike was 18 yrs old & Wilson’s 28, so Wilson’s self-servingly reversed the roles of who’s the adult & who’s child. Plus at 6ft 4 in Wilson’s also a big guy, though at 210 – 220lbs he weighed 50 – 60lbs less than Mike did.

    It’s hard to believe Wilson’s gun actually misfired twice, IMO that’s just a BS embellishment to distract from the fact that Wilson pulled his pistol & first shot Mike Brown inside or right by his squad car. Wilson’s tale of trying to open the squad car door to climb out suggests that if Mike then slammed it back hard, it likely should have slammed on Wilson’s leg as he was stepping out of the car- Yet no such claim was made. Wilson then claims Mike punched him a couple of times, yet IMO the pics of Wilson’s face hyped as so-called proof of this are IMO unconvincing- showing superficial reddening at-best. First he claimed Mike slugged Wilson in the eye. Now he says [after the pics showed NO black eye] it was really Wilson’s cheeks- especially his right cheek [more on that later]. But these pics were released weeks after Wilson gunned-down unarmed Mike Brown, plenty of time to ‘photo-shop’ them.

    The problem w the so-called ‘swelling’ on Wilson’s right cheek is analogous to Wilson’s ‘Tall-Tale’ that Mike reached for Wilson’s holstered gun, after slugging him. It seems Wilson is right-handed as was Mike, yet w Wilson sitting in the drivers seat, his holstered gun would have been facing away from Mike, almost completely inaccessible to Mike’s right hand, & even quite difficult to reach w his left hand. IMO if a struggle for Wilson’s gun took place inside his squad-car, it’s because Wilson had ALREADY PULLED HIS GUN, while pulling Mike in thru the left window!!! Like-wise w Wilson’s alleged bruised right cheek. IMO only if Wilson had been standing complete out-side the squad-car & facing Mike, could Mike hit Wilson in his right cheek w a left-handed blow, to bruise his right-cheek. Yet witnesses [including Wilson himself] indicate this struggle took place THRU Wilson’s left-side squad-car window. Thus the evidence don’t jibe w Wilson’s ‘Tall-Tale’. What we know for sure Wilson first shot Mike thru the right hand at near point-blank range, while Mike upper body was apparently still inside Wilson’s left squad-car window!!!

    The other problem is Wilson apparently chased Brown down about 200 ft from his squad-car. So why would Big Mike run from Wilson after calling him a ‘pussy’ who wouldn’t dare shoot him, for some 200 ft, before then turning on Wilson like a ‘demon-faced’ ‘Raging Bull‘{shit} / ‘Incredible Hulk’ – taking 8 more shots from Wilson [at-least 3 more to his right arm], including 3 kill shots to the eye, fore-head & top of his head [according to the St Louis ME’s report]??!
    IMO the 3 shots to Mike’s arms are consistent w his arms-up [& giving up]- which Wilson denies contrary to several witnesses [including 2 white construction workers] who said that Mike was indeed surrendering- while the 3 kill shots to Mike’s eye, fore-head & top of his head are consistent w either Mike stumbling to the ground while Wilson was shooting him, or he was actually on / getting on his knees [w his hands up]…

    More Below…

    1. Did a KKK / Covert Cop Nexus burn down the Church of Mike Brown Sr in Ferguson- as the Lame-stream media blamed Black ‘rioters’???
      From AlterNet: ” ‘Anonymous’ Dumps KKK Leader’s Personal Info Online in Ongoing Ferguson Dispute’ [@ ]: } Members of the Anonymous offshoot NOWsec claimed last week that a source within the St. Louis County Police Department had told them Ferguson-area law enforcement officers were affiliated with the “Ghoul Squad,” which the activists described as supportive of the local KKK chapter….
      The pastor of a church where Michael Brown’s father was baptized over the weekend said he believes White Supremacists [KKK}, not protesters, burned down Flood Christian Church overnight Monday.
      “I’m very vocal in regards to the Michael Brown case,” said Rev. Carlton Lee, who has taken part in in rallies and press conferences with Michael Brown Sr… {
      FYI: KKK type white-supremacist groups have a long sordid history of burning down / fire-bombing Black Activist Churches ala the infamous fire-bombing of the 16th St Baptist Church in Birmingham AL in Sept 1963- Killing 4 young Black Girls.
      More on Killer Cop Wilson’s ‘tall tale vs Mike Brown’s Friend Dorian Johnson who was w ‘Big Mike’ Brown when Wilson gunned him down [@ Counter Punch from Dr Paul Craig Roberts: ‘The Shoot First Mentality of American Police’ see @ ]
      For a More detailed account of Killer Cop Wilson’s Testi-Lying ‘Tall Tale’ see: ‘Officer Darren Wilson’s Story is Unbelievable. Literally.’ [@ ] vs Dorian Johnson’s account [@ ]: I’ll leave to those who read both accounts to decide whose story actually make sense & whose makes almost NO sense at-all.
      Killer Cop Wilson claims that Mike Brown reached for his waist band w his right-hand [IE: the hand that Wilson had just shoot him in- Humm…], just before Wilson fired the last shots- including 3 to the head. Of course this strongly suggests Wilson would have had so-called ‘just’ cause to shoot to kill- cause He thought Mike had a gun- Except One ‘Small Problem’… MIKE HAD NO GUN!!! So It Makes NO DAMN Sense that Mike would reach for a gun [w a shot-up hand] that he NEVER Even HAD!!! But that’s not the only thing Wilson claims that don’t even make BAD Sense! –
      IE: Both Wilson & Dorian agree on one main point- that during the tussle at the car, ‘Big Mike’ handed Dorian the now infamous cigars w his left hand. That means Mike’s left hand was out-side of Wilson’s squad car [Note: Dorian says ‘Big Mike’s’ whole body was outside of the car- resisting Wilson snatching him by the collar while trying to pull Mike toward Wilson. Wilson claims Mike reached in the car & punched him]. So Mike’s left hand was outside the car, yet Wilson claims he got a red-mark on the right side of his face cause Mike slugged him w his left hand [Note: Mike was likely right-handed so logically the most damaging blow should have been to Wilson’s LEFT -NOT Right- Cheek]. Yet even Wilson admits that the only way Mike could really slug him w his left hand is he had to first hand the cigars in his left hand off to Dorian. Yet even if Wilson turned to face Mike at this point, in order for Mike to land a hard left hand blow to Wilson’s right cheek, Mike’s punch would have to get past Wilson’s squad-car’s driver’s side rear-view mirror, left-door’s window frame & wind-shield, plus the steering wheel & still have enough force to do some damage- I DON”T THINK SO!!! IMO the only way Mike could throw a left-hand blow w enough ‘pop’ to do any real damage to Wilson’s right cheek, is if either Wilson stuck his head out of the window [Huhh???] or Mike pulled Wilson’s upper-body out of the window first before throwing a left-hook. Yet neither Wilson nor Dorian make such a claim- IE That did NOT happen!!! If Wilson claimed Mike scratched his right cheek, during the scuffle at his squad-car, maybe one might buy that, but Wilson ‘swore’ [yeah it’s enough to make one ‘swear’ alright] that Mike slugged Wilson in his right cheek w Mike’s left hand. Yet how could someone as big as Mike [6ft 4in / 275 – 285 lbs] have enough room to throw a hard left handed blow in such a small confined space w his large upper-body hanging inside a car window??? None of this Makes NO Damn Sense, & just that alone was enough to indict Killer Cop Wilson on homicide charges to face trial! But the real problems w Wilson’s Testi-lying ‘Tall-Tale’ doesn’t just end there… –
      Wilson claims he chased Mike [after shooting him in the hand, Mike & Dorian ran], for just 20ft – 30ft, & then Mike turned & reach for a gun that he NEVER Even HAD [w his shot-up right hand], & then charged Wilson like a ‘Demon Faced’ ‘Raging Bull'{shit} / ‘Incredible Hulk’ for some 10ft before Wilson gunned him down [including 3 to the head]. One Small Problem- Mike’s body was found [left laying in the hot sun for over +4hrs] at-least 150FT AWAY from Wilson’s squad-car. Thus Wilson’s ‘tall-tale’ is like Killer Z’s where Z-Man claims he shot Trayvon in one location, yet Trayvon’s body was found 30ft – 40ft away from where Killer ‘swore’ he shot Trayvon!!!
      RE: This Training meme “uhm the solution to this problem [Cops gunning-down unarmed Black [& Hispanic] men & women and children & elders] is more ‘Training’- As Paul Craig Roberts says in his CounterPunch article [see above], These [mainly white] Cops are doing exactly what they’ve been TRAINED & Given License To DO!!! Thus More Training is just a ‘clever-sounding’ Phony Solution to the problem!!!

      1. PS-2 RE: Cop Training a Non-Solution: During Killer Cop Wilson’s interview w ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, after saying he has NO Regrets, Wilson actually say he was just Doing His JOB, that Which He was TRAINED To DO!!!

        So how the HELL will more of this ‘Training’ going to solve the problem??!!

        1. Paul Craig Roberts’ Quote from His Article: } ‘After shooting Kajieme Powell ten times, the [2 St Louis] cops hold guns on his dead body while they handcuff a dead man. This video [of 2 St Louis cops gunning-down Mr Powell] shows that either PSYCHOPATHS are recruited for the police force, or Police TRAINING Turns Cops Into PSYCHOPATHS…’ {

    2. From BrassCheck TV [@–abuse-1/how-the-missouri-da-rigged-the-grand-jury-in-the-ferguson-case.html ]: St Louis DA Robert McCulloch & His assistant DA Kathy Alizadeh [a white woman] effectively LIED to [Killer Cop Wilson’s] Grand Jury, by instructing [Killer Cop Wilson’s] Grand Jury that it was ‘lawful’ for Killer Cop Wilson to gun-down Mike Brown for fleeing, even though that MO so-called ‘Law’ was ruled Un-Constitutional by the SCOTUS Court in 1985!!!

      This is enough for Obama & Holder’s DOJ to Investigate & Prosecute St Louis DA Rob McCulloch & His assistant DA Ms Alizadeh for committing PERJURY to Obstruct Justice & Violating Mike Brown’s family’s civil rights!!! But I would NOT Hold{er} my breath on Obama & Holder stepping up to the plate on this!!!.

      1. Thus Killer Cop Wilson’s Attny masquerading as a DA, Rob McCulloch- so obviously stacked the deck in Wilson’s favor I’m starting to doubt if there were really any Blacks on that Grand Jury. How do we really know this for sure, since the whole thing was done in secret???

  6. Great to hear from Tom Porter, It would have been nice if he was on for the full hour. What was up with the mafia wrap up with De Niro , Pacino & James Caan ?

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