As has been said, “everything that has happened continues to happen.”  Dr. Hate hosted this rousing conversation about Nubia, African identity and Blackness in the 21st century with Drs. Mostafa Hefny and Nuraddin Abdulmannan.

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  1. Two chicken bones,the left wing of an eagle feather & 3 watermelon seeds. Sounds like vodun/vodou. If that’s what you were referring to, the first speaker didn’t catch where you were coming from. Informative program.

  2. The feed to the internet stopped recording in the final minutes of the show. Unfortunately, the Nubian poet and historian Dr. Mannan’s final thoughts about the great Kandake Amani Redis could only be heard if you were listening live on terrestrial radio. His poem, which he read in Nubian and then translated, was powerful! He will be back with us soon!

  3. Nixakliel

    Very informative session, but I wish the 2nd speaker had time to complete his discussion.

    Due to the Israel vs Palestine controversy, many / most US Blacks on the ‘left’ assume [Caucasian] Arabs are ‘natural allies’ of Black / African people [Ditto: white lame-stream bourgeois feminism & the LGBT movement, etc…]. But this discussion by Dr Mostafa Hefny on the plight of the Nubians [direct off-spring of the people of Ancient Egypt {aka Khemit} & Kush / Ethiopia] re their Arabization [= erasure of their heritage], shows this presumption is NOT necessarily the case- even in Africa.
    The FUK-US NATO / Saudi-GCC lead assault on Khadaffi’s Libya again showed this racial rift between [Caucasian] Arab & Africans &/or Black Libyans, which the lame-stream media & even much of the so-called progressive alternative media [IE: DN!]- down-played, suppressed &/or out-right denied. IMO part of the reason Khadaffi was so despised by the Saudi-GCC cabal because he was as much a Pan Africanist [maybe even more so] as he was Pan Arab.
    IMO this racial rift is again in play re: Sudan’s Darfur & Khartoum vs South Sudan conflicts, though ironically Khartoum’s Govt is controlled by ‘dark-brown’ Africans who apparently none-the-less see themselves as Arabs above all else.
    – To this day [2015] Arab ‘scholars’ are as likely as Euro-Centric scholars to waffle / equivocate / out-right deny the obvious intrinsic Africaness of the ancient Egyptians- & what Dr Hefny describes re the Arab controlled govt in Egypt vis-a-vis the Nubians- IMO ties into this denial of the African heritage of ancient Egypt [aka Khemit]

    But let’s discuss what the real identity of the ancient people of Arabia, as well as Mesopotamia, & Israel-Palestine-Lebanon [IE: the so-called ‘Mid-East’] was. Technically these peoples’ linguistically & culturally are classified as AFRO-Asiatic [previously KHametic-Shemetic] which IMO is a BIG clue. Linguistically KHam & Khem{it} are likely both from the same root-word. Kush is the ancient Biblical name of Ethiopia [like Egypt & the Nile is a Greek word used after the invasion of Alexander the Greek].
    FYI: Arabia is in the tropical zone & is one of the recording some of hottest temps on record, & ancient peoples of Arabia were agrarian herdsmen of nomadic- meaning they lived out-doors & had NO electricity. When ancient Africans first migrated the first places they went were Israel Palestine & the southwest corner of the Arabian Peninsula [modern day Yemen – PS: NO Suez Canal existed then, Sinai, southern Israel, & northern Arabia were all connected]. IMO it’s not logical to expect ancient Black / dark-brown Africans to migrate to the hot tropical climes of Arabia & then become ‘whitened’. Furthermore there are still clear examples of peoples of Arabia who still clearly have African blood.
    Plus when you read about the ancient progenitor of the ancient Arab peoples, Ishmael, it’s noted that both his mother & wife were ancient Egyptians, & his son Kedar’s, considered thee main progenitor of the ancient Arabs, name literally means ‘Black Skinned’ [FYI: Kedar is whom the Prophet Mohammed traced his ancestry back to Ishmael].
    Thus IMO the real question is from where did caucasianized Arabs come from? IMO the answer lies in the rise of the Ottoman Turks’ Empire circa 1300 ACE to 1922 – along the excursions into Afro-Asia & North Africa by the ancient Greeks & Romans.

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