In collaboration with Mr. Tom Porter we’ve attempted to chronicle the brilliance and analyses of our elders by launching this virtual lecture series with Dr. Robert Rhodes.  Rhodes is a legendary behind the scenes “idea man” of the Black Liberation Movement who represents many suppressed radical strands in our history.  Here Rhodes joined us for an overview conversation about the state of Black America in the global economy.  Stay tuned as we announce future sessions!


Some Key Points Addressed:

Radical Re-segregation

Axial Age

Civilizational Crises and Historical Stages

Arab Spring / Ukraine

Clarity of anti-colonial struggle / absence today

Concepts of History

Europe’s Eastern (non-Western) Origins

China’s Multiple Rises to Power

Clashes and Alliances of Civilization

BRICS Nations

Nation states as stages of History

Religion As More Important Than Race in Settling 21st Century International Disputes

State Capitalism as a Stage to Socialism

Chinese Investment in Africa and their “Win-Win Strategy”

Is Pan-Africanism Relevant?



  1. Correction:

    And although the conflict around these religious freedom restoration acts is extremely legitimate, has that discussion been designed by opponents of the concept of justice using these religious freedom restoration acts as a valid societal distraction so that there is a successful hijacking of America, referenced previously?

  2. Final CORRECTION (FYI: my phone system is conspiring against this message)

    Explain to me why our current Speaker of the House John Boehner, a Republican, was standing on a world platform via world wide television yesterday, Wednesday, 4/1/2015, next to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was given the task of forming a government (both standing behind their respective podeoms). Give current Speaker of the House John Boehner in no way represents the whole of the American citizenry, could this be a hijacking of America in play?

  3. Will do…I had to type that from my phone and couldn’t go further than my initial impressions of the tail end of the conversation.I heard the entire conversation but the middle near end stood out the most. I,’ll go further as to why I said that when I can in detail as to why it felt that way. To be clear the old comments wasn’t a shot at your guest per say but of the ideas many late 50’s and early to mid 60’s communist and integrationist espouse as a solution to almost any question of “Where to go” suggestions. I will point out the things warranting that comment with timestamps included. I don’t know Rhodes or his work and this was not an attack on him but on an aspect of his speech here.

  4. David, you could not have possible listened honestly to this and drawn that old, tired, weak and really soft “analysis” of what Rhodes and others said. Lashing out against an “old communist” is of zero value here. Zero. Where did he say what you accuse him of saying? Time stamp that for us and add to the conversation an actual critique of what he said. Demonstrate your competence in dismantling Rhodes’ argument (which you certainly have not done) by first outlining for us what you think he said, how you interpret it and then your critique of it. I am sure your contribution could be stronger than what you’ve posted here. Rhodes definitely deserves it and dare i say so do the rest of us here at iMWiL.

  5. It’s disturbing how old communist and old integrationist always draw the same conclusions, in that African people need to relegate their agency to the sails of other people.

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