Bruce L. Turner Discusses His Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Nat

Bruce L. Turner, descendant of Nat Turner, discusses the life and legacy of his great-great-great-grandfather. This was an event convened by Dr. Otis Williams and the African Psychology Student Association at Bowie State University.

FILE - In this June 14, 1961 file photo, Prime Minister Fidel Castro holds a cigar during a news conference in Havana, Cuba. For over half a century, the U.S. government tried many schemes to overthrow the Castro regime: poisonous cigars, an exploding seashell, the secret Twitter-like service in Cuba. U.S. President Barack Obama said Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014 the United States will re-establish diplomatic ties with Cuba and bring change to the longstanding trade embargo. But it was unclear if all secret operations would cease. (AP Photo/RHS)

Venceremos! The Legacy of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro (August 13, 1926 - November 25, 2016) is remembered in this discussion with long time international organizers Rosa Clemente, veteran scholar and activist and former Green Party Vice-Presidential nominee and Netfa Freeman currently with Pan-African Community Action (PACA) based in Washington, DC.


Genocide by Radio and the Clear The Airwaves Project

Kwabena Sakidi Jijaga Rasuli of the Clear the Airwaves Project joined us to discuss the politics of radio, the relationship between lived condition and media environment and movements occurring around the country to rid radio of "the wratchet."