"Don't Be Scared: Organize A National United Front Against Fascism": Dhoruba bin-Wahad on the 2016 U.S. Elections

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  1. Damn can you find somebody else to interview? Any creative academics around? Tired of this dude and his background distractions. And +1 to the person who posted Dr. Welsing predicting a Trump victory in 2015.

  2. I have a lot of respect for the Elder Warrior Bro. Dhoruba, although I was surprised and disappointed by the role he played in a confrontation with the New Black Panther Party in Atlanta last year. Since he’s pushing a united front, I hope that means he and the NBPP have reconciled their issues. I’ve heard this united front talk throughout my activist career. When I was a student at Malcolm X Liberation University I wrote a paper on united fronts before the Gary Convention. My position then was that it was a waste of time to focus on unifying with assimilationists, when Pan-Afrikan Nationalists can’t even form a united front among themselves. As expected the assimilationists bailed out of the National Black Political Assembly. The leaders of the Million Man March repeated the mistake at Gary when they organized the National African American Leadership Summit (NAALS). I’d be interested in knowing exactly what Bro. Dhoruba’s concept of a united front is.

  3. Thank y’all!! Minus the hoteppers comment it was really appreciated. Tell Dhoruba we love him and htp means eternal peace. Being a Kemetic priestess doesn’t disengage me from being a part of a United Front. I don’t agree with everything regarding islam but I support and am committed to a black United revolutionary front “by any means necessary”. We must work to rebuild our movement with understanding, respect and tolerance for our spiritual beliefs and differences. I love Dhoruba. Elombe Brath introduced me to him, Viola Plummer, Sonnie Carson, Kwame Toure and Samori Marksman many, many moons ago. They all were the blessings that woke me up from a deep sleep. I will always be grateful for them. I also so appreciate you and your great work brother Jared. Thank you for emailing this. Please let me know about any efforts yall are initiating. I am ready and willing to serve..

    MAAT HTP! iMiXWHATiLiKE! posted: “https://youtu.be/31DnZeMYOkQ Former Black Panther, Black Liberation Army member and political prisoner Dhoruba bin-Wahad discusses the 2016 election results and the need for strength and fearlessness in response. Audio Only: “

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