Is there a relationship between the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) and hip-hop? This topic is explored during this hour on the Hot Seat with Cassandra Harris Lockwood.

COINTELPRO 101 by The Freedom Archives (mentioned above…)


  1. Enjoyed the program as usual. Democracy Now recently had a very informative program on how social media / engineering really works manipulating the minds of unsuspecting subscribers

    1. Scarcely pay attention to them these days but you got me curious . Please forward a link or just say more m as for hip.hop , it wasn’t going to remain an independent media forever. Had to he some means of Interfering with our message

  2. Outstanding!!! No surprise is right Tesmith47! Jared Ball is a great mind, independent thinker. Spot on. The CIA has been so involved in “creating” culture, since WW2, created foundations to buy up abstract Expressionism for the cold war efforts with Russia. Successfully ending American Realism, WPA. Thank you so much for this analysis!

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