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  1. The greatest tool of the ‘Babylon’ system, the Colonial system and the Imperialist system is to try and force the people of the world to conform to their ideas and views.

    How does Hollywood’s Biopics contribute to this? The biopic once defined by George F. Custen in his 1992 book, “Bio/Pics: How Hollywood Constructed Public History”,as being “minimally

    composed of the life , or the portion of a life, of a real person whose real name is used”.

    In the book–“National Security Cinema”, by Matthew Alford & Tom Secker,” reveals for the first time specific script changes made by the government for political reasons on dozens of

    blockbusting films. These forces have suppressed important narratives about government treatment of minorities; torture; coups & assassinations”. Should the film “Judas and the Black Messiah”

    be added to this list? I think the title itself suggest it has.

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