“i MiX WHAT i LiKE” is borrowed – in phrase and philosophy – from the work of Steve Biko. The collection of Biko’s “Frank Talk” columns titled I Write What I Like is much of the inspiration for the attempt here to blend the traditions of radical broadcasting, the mixtape and Black Consciousness with what Hemant Shah has called “Emancipatory Journalism.”


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Marginalized Black Academics and A Call to Rally AGAINST The Congressional Black Caucus

We were joined this week by sociologist Dr. Darryl Brice to discuss the marginalization of Black academics and then by Asantewa Nkrumah Ture and Bruce Dixon (Managing Editor of BlackAgendaReport.com) for a discussion of an upcoming rally to protest the support of war, militarizing the police and Israeli apartheid by the Congressional Black Caucus.

Economics for the People and Live From Channel Zero!

We took a look this week at recent claims that president Obama has been both good (and bad) for the economy and asked economists Dean Baker of the Center for Economic Policy and Research and Jeanette Huezo of United for a Fair Economy, “what does this mean for Black people, Brown people and working people?” We then reconnected with author and journalist Ericka Blount Danois for another edition of Live From Channel Zero!

The Ever Enduring Myth of Black “Buying Power” (2014)

There is no "$1 trillion" that Black people are foolishly wasting while avoiding ample opportunities to do better. "Buying power" is a marketing phrase used obscure the true nature of poverty and inequality.

Son-Shine On Cracked Sidewalks: An Audiobook by Todd Steven Burroughs

Newark native Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs reads his new book about his own coverage of the recent Ras Baraka mayoral victory in this first edition imixwhatilike.org audiobook.

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