The 3rd Annual Hate Awards!

by Jared Ball in Broadcasts & Interviews

The 3rd annual – iMiXWHATiLiKE! – aka Super Funky Soul Power Hour – Unsanctioned – Back From Exile – No Exodus – Bah Humbug – Winter Solstice – Gregorian Calendar New Year – Hate Awards!! We remind listeners that what follows is Hateful satire meant only to inspire as much long overdue hatred of all that inhibits liberation as we possibly can; ...


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Hip-Hop as Black Studies


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In the spotlight

No Doubt: The Murder of Oscar Grant w Thandisizwe Chimurenga

by Jared Ball in Broadcasts & Interviews

Veteran community journalist Thandisizwe Chimurenga who covered closely the killing of Oscar Grant and subsequent trial of his killer Johannes Mehserle joined us to discuss her forthcoming book No Doubt The Murder of Oscar Grant. I began by asking her  to tell us about her book and why she began early on in the introduction that, “In order to fully understand ‘what just happened’ at ...


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