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The 3rd Annual Hate Awards! (Part One)

by Jared Ball in Broadcasts & Interviews

The 3rd annual – iMiXWHATiLiKE! – aka Super Funky Soul Power Hour – Unsanctioned – Back From Exile – No Exodus – Bah Humbug – Winter Solstice – Gregorian Calendar New Year – Hate Awards!! We remind listeners that what follows is Hateful satire meant only to inspire as much long overdue hatred of all that inhibits ...



In the spotlight

The Boundaries of Black Allegiance

by Jared Ball in Broadcasts & Interviews

Tom Porter, long-time activist, educator and radio host (Jazz and Justice, Mondays 1-3p WPFW) joined the show this week with Head-Roc, “The Mayor of DC Hip-Hop.” We all talked about the boundaries of Black allegiance to the state and its constraints on options considered for making change.  We talked about the recent upheaval blamed on YouTube and racist film-making, the history of ...


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