Years ago I wrote about the Black Agents of Stealth History. Those accounts and analysis of revolutionary movements written by former Government snitches, Police agents, and assorted “Professors of Black History” who matriculated from Dashiki wearing sexist narrow cultural nationalists during the sixties when all hands were needed at the armed front against Police terrorism and white supremacist violence.

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Hip-Hop Against the World!

Hip-Hop is no different than any other cultural expression in that when not organized, “nationalized,” or conscious of its particular use at any given moment, it too can become an extension of an imperial arm. Back on January 15, 2012 a panel was convened to discuss the film Hip-Hop: Furious Rhymes of Change a documentary […]

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When Revelations Really Aren’t That Revelatory: Dr. King and Human Rights Struggle


 The following was initially prepared for what was ultimately a press release from the Institute for Public Accuracy (see below).  And let’s not forget the 1999 trial, Coretta Scott King, et al.  v. Loyd Jowers, where a jury found that the U.S. government had indeed been involved in the assassination of Dr. King.  The transcripts […]

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"The Most Visible Mulattoes": Drake and Obama Match Hip-Hop and Politics


*Originally published September 8, 2010 Lorraine Hansberry once cautioned against an artist seeking to ignore the specific nature of their racial categorization, history and experience.  Her point was that to dismiss that particularity with the narrow, anecdotal tale of one’s own success was to damage the potential to interpret the reality of a broader community.  To separate the […]

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Hip-Hop Fight Club: Radical Theory, Education, and Practice in and Beyond the Classroom


Originally published: Radical Teacher, No. 97, (Fall) 2013. Fight Club and Hip-Hop as Radical Theory, Education and Practice Jared A. Ball “Bolekaja! … Come on down, let’s fight!” – Marimba Ani1 Introducing… In This Corner…! Few who have any working knowledge of hip-hop are unaware of the importance battling  plays in all its elements.  Emcees […]

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