HBCUs: Not A Different World Project

Please submit your responses to the following via email and include “HBCU Project” in the subject. Before any form of multimedia publication all participants will have ample time to review their contribution and/or attribution.

  1. Name (real or that by which you would like to be referred)
  2. HBCU(s) attended
  3. Role (student, staff, faculty, admin, etc.)
  4. Years (optional)
  5. Did the television show “A Different World” or any other form of popular culture reference to HBCUs influence your decision to attend or work there?
  6. Please take as much time/space to explain your experience and to perhaps share one or another quintessential story that exemplifies your experience.
  7. Please add or say anything else you’d like, including asking for clarification or for follow up questions, and please do be willing to have follow up questions asked. 
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Author: Jared Ball
Emancipatory Journalism & Media Jared A. Ball is a father and husband. After that he is a professor of Media and Africana Studies and produces multimedia for imixwhatilike.org. > Dr. Jared A. Ball

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