Marable’s Malcolm X a “Fraud?”

This is the show that started it all… we were among the first to raise critical voices and this led Paul Coates of Black Classic Press to contact us about producing what eventually became A Lie Of Reinvention: Correcting Manning Marable’s Malcolm X.*

Richard Prince of Journal-isms and Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs joined us this week for an initial discussion of Manning Marable’s book Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention.  What will be the first of several planned discussions and special events on the book today we focused on recent press coverage and first-impression thoughts on the scholarship itself.  Malcolm X scholar Karl Evanzz has already publicly described the work as a “fraud” for its lack of revelation and careful research and others have expressed discomfort for an over-emphasis in press coverage of Malcolm’s alleged homosexual acts and infidelity.  Much more needs be said of this book, its implications politically or its impact historically on the study of Malcolm X, his life and politics.  We intend for this to be the first of many more focused investigations of this and other work related to Malcolm X and what he represents more broadly speaking.  Stay tuned!*

*  April 8, 2011

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