Lawyer and activist Kamau Franklin returned to discuss his latest piece, “The Post-Mortem on The March “with” Washington – A Reinvented Martin Luther King, Jr. ”  Hear him previously on the program discuss Black August, his philosophy of law and its particular impact on African people.

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  1. Rebuttal to Obama’s Speech: Obviously Obama could NOT resist the chance to take a swipe at some Black person(s) while on center [national] stage in front of Lincoln’s Memorial addressing a crowd of mainly Black people- effectively turning this 50th anniversary event into the ‘Farce’ in Washington FOR REAL. Obama knew he could NOT get away w taking another subtle dig [diss] at Rev Dr ML-King- like he did in 2008 by going MIA for the 40th anniversary commemoration of MLK’s assassination or in 2009 during his War is Peace’ [ig]Nobel Peace [NOT!] Prize speech. So he resorted YET AGAIN to ‘Kick a Nigger’ poly-tricks- effectively blaming working class / working poor Blacks for all the ills that have befallen them since 1968 [seems Obama only even mentions working class / working poor Blacks to scold them for being poor]. One would think Obama would be above this kinda crap- after Newt Grinch-wench’s racist campaign meme ‘Obama: the Food-stamp Pres’ -&- Mitt RawMoney writing-off ALL Obama supporters [mainly Black & Brown] as ‘moochers’ of Gov’t welfare & his ilk [= the 1%]- when in-fact it’s vice-versa.

    – Obama RE the VRA: Interestingly he failed to mention that the SCOTUS court just gutted the VRA as a ‘racial-entitlement’. BAR’s Bruce Dixon explains how Obama & fellow lame-stream liberal Dim John Kerry [now Obama’s Sec of State] not only failed to try to block Roberts’ & Alito’s nominations to the SCOTUS court, but even gave them a ‘thumbs-up’. FYI: Roberts, as chief justice, & Alito- along w Scalia & Uncle Judge Thomas- were the main ones behind gutting the VRA.
    And Obama & most lame-stream Dims joined the Repugs multi yr effort to do in the ACORN, by signing unto a law of dubious constitutionality. Ironically ACORN registered many Black & Brown voters across the US, who vote overwhelmingly for Dims like Obama.

    – Obama RE: The 1960s Black Freedom struggle as a prelude to more Black Gov’t officials including Obama as POTUS: While there’s some truth to that, Black Gov’t officials, w a few notable exceptions, have been largely disappointing. Even as more Blacks have become hi-officials, conditions for the Black masses [except for ‘middle-class’ & affluent Blacks- though the nebulous ‘middle-class’ is vanishing], have NOT improved since April 1968, & in some cases has actually worsened [IE: the Rise of mass Black incarceration / the Prison Industrial Complex / ‘New Jim Crow’].

    – Obama’s praise for 1960s Freedom movement’s struggle for equal opportunity in Education [& employment]: Obama’s Sec of ED Arne Duncan’s corporatized RTTT model is the back-drop for an all out assault on public schools & teachers’ [unions] in Black & Brown communities. Just this yr ex-Obama chief of staff Rahmbo, closed 54 Chicago schools- nearly all in Black [a few in Hispanic] communities. And Philly’s Black Dim Mayor Nutter closed 24 schools- also nearly all in Black & Brown neighborhoods. Thus Obama lecturing Blacks w clichés RE staying in school is disingenuous rhetoric- when his Dim ilk are closing Black kids’ schools & firing their teachers wholesale.

    – Obama’s meme that Blacks use Racial Profiling & police brutality as an excuse for criminality: In fact stereotyping all Black youth as criminals is used as an excuse for Racial Profiling & police brutality! Obama offered NO plans to address racial profiling & police brutality [IE: cops &/or cop wanna-bes gunning-down unarmed / non-violent Blacks every 28hrs], because just 3 days before Obama much over-hyped & slickly disingenuous speech on the Trayvon case [just the 2nd time since being POTUS & only the 3rd time since taking the Presidential stage that Obama has even directly spoken on the race issue], Obama names NYPD chief Ray [Stop & Frisk] Kelly as his pick to head DHS. NYPD’s ‘Stop & Frisk’ has just been judged to be the biggest racial-profiling prog in the US & violates the 4th Amendment.

    – Obama RE poor Blacks’ lack of parenting & looking for Gov’t hand-outs: This is a meme straight from the FOX Noise, Newt Grinch-witch, Mitt RawMoney play book! That Obama would use MLK’s iconic ‘I have a Dream’ speech as a back-drop to publically diss [poor] Blacks in a manner that he’d never dare do to any other group- is an insult to MLK’s & the Black Freedom struggle’s legacy! Obama keeps repeating this crap because he must in fact agree w FOX Noise, Grinch-witch, RawMoney, et-al RE [poor] Blacks! Blacks have lost more wealth during Obama’s tenure than at any time since before WWII. While other groups’ unemployment has fallen, on Obama’s watch Black unemployment has risen & remains +2Xs that of whites. The fact is Obama has NO jobs plan for his most loyal constituency [& has effectively said so], but also in fact plans to gut Social-Security, Medicare, Food-stamps, unemployment insurance, etc- thus worsening their plight!
    FYI Obama- Dr King was in Memphis in April 1968 to support Memphis’ Black sanitation workers efforts challenging that city’s slave wages & working conditions. IMO Obama’s listened to Dr King’s April 3rd ‘I’ve Been to the Mountain Top’ speech on the evening before MLK’s state sanctioned ‘neutralization’. In it MLK talks in depth RE: supporting Black sanitation workers’ struggle for decent pay & working conditions.

    – That this 50th anniversary would even feature the likes of O-Bomber, Slick Willie, Arne [‘Katrina’s the best thing to happen to New Orleans schools’] Duncan, Skippy-Jiff Carter, Rev Al, Corey [Loves Wall St] Booker{T}, Nancy [Impeachment’s off the Table’] Pelosi, etc- shows just how much of a ‘Farce’ in Washington this event really was!

    • } ‘If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that during the course of 50 years, there were times when some of us, claiming to push for change, lost our way. The anguish of assassinations set off self-defeating riots. Legitimate grievances against police brutality tipped into excuse-making for criminal behavior. Racial politics could cut both ways as the transformative message of unity and brotherhood was drowned out by the language of recrimination. And what had once been a call for equality of opportunity, the chance for all Americans to work hard and get ahead was too often framed as a mere desire for government support, as if we had no agency in our own liberation, as if poverty was an excuse for not raising your child and the bigotry of others was reason to give up on yourself…’ {- Barak H. Obama- Aug 28, 2013- at the 50th anniversary commemoration of MLK’s iconic ‘I have a Dream’ speech.

      The key to a slick / clever disingenuous misdirection is that it should contain some elements of truth, which makes it easier to swallow & more difficult to detect than an out-right blatant lie.
      Thus in all Obama’s scolding directed at working-class / working-poor Blacks- he NEVER says what he intends to do to help alleviate their plight- cause apparently he has NO such intentions! NOR does he take to task any sectors of white supremacy / the [white] ruling elites for their steady unrelenting attack & intransigence vs the working-class- let alone the Black [& Brown] working-class / working-poor. In fact Obama never even mentions the working class- it’s always the nebulous ‘middle-class’!

  2. the speechifiers sample cultural milieu adjust with a whim towards war cloaked in caring; even the most staunch reactionary pacified, yet truth is apparent to those who seek and these will be the ones to right the wrongs

  3. Jared Ball

    Last week’s show opened with Malcolm X.

  4. Jared,
    Who was that speech by that you played at the intro of your show this past Friday?
    Is it online anywhere?

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