The Super Funky Soul Power Hour for December 6, 2013

On this week’s edition of The Super Funky Soul Power Hour we paid quick tribute to Nelson Mandela, asked whether or not this show should remain on WPFW 89.3 FM, talked with Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs about The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross PBS documentary, spoke with Ericka Blount Danois and Mums about Kanye West and Gilad Atzmon about Zionism and Jewish Identity Politics.


  1. Sad news. I always listen in not on wpfw but thru soundcloud and here. as long as you keep the show going and the good needed work going ill be here listening and learning.

  2. Will miss your show Dr. Ball. I wish your show would remain on WPFW because you do touch more people than you think. I feel your show has help shape my views on how we fit into this landscape of U.S.A. Please keep up the good work and please keep our community inform of what’s happening to “Black Folks” around the world.

  3. Please don’t leave. Remember the conversation you had with Bro. Frank Wilderson who talked about this outlet being Bigger than any one individual. Of course WPFW/Pacifica management would love you to go.,that’s the strongest reason to stay on the air.

  4. Please don’t leave WPFW. This show has been so enjoyable, enlightening, and engaging for me. I’m only listening to online now b/c I got busy at work and missed the first half and decided to check your website to see if there was an archive.

    I know Pacifica is getting whiter and whiter but people like you need to say and fight from within. I have learned so much from your show and you have sort of taken a spot left by the wonderful Ambrose E. Lane Sr. I also worry I’d forget to look in here to catch the show.

    I will pledge during your show next time though I’ve been wary of giving money b/c the past few times I’ve donated to PFW they didn’t send my thank you gift. I don’t pledge for a gift but if they say they are going to send something they need to send it.

  5. I need you.
    My 14yr biracial son needs you.
    my 10yr biracial daughter needs you.
    We as a society need you.
    Please stay.
    But if you go…we will follow..

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