This edition of Live From Channel Zero with Ericka Blount Danois featured our discussion with special guest Mums about Kanye West’s recent struggles with the limitations of his celebrity. Where we agreed is that media have largely focused on West’s behavior and not the more important points he raised about race, class and popularity.

*There is some adult language, this clip is not radio ready.

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  1. To be fixated on the ‘profundities’ of an ornament like kanye west is to say the least disturbing. This is a guy who brags on snagging a kardashian as if this alone should provide him entree into the ruling class! Succumbing to the titillation of celebrity is very unbecoming, yet it also warns of the danger of seeking more ‘conscious’ hip-hopping wordsmiths to be leaders of a movement to the promised land! Quite frankly, we can do so much better than all ‘dese political lightweights!

  2. The sister and brother eventually came to the same conclusion. The problem Mums has is the very problem that keeps Black folks filling the coffers of our colonial masters.. The love of Capitalism! To be or not to be… that’s the question. Hopefully Kanye and others will take the Louie, and the Nike out of their music, and bring back the conscience filled hip hop again.

  3. Duane Stevenson

    Does this guy Mums understand white supremacy? He needs to go study Nee fuller and Dr. Amos Wilson.

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