Telling the Truth About Nelson Mandela with Margaret Kimberley

Margaret Kimberley of Freedom Rider and and joined us to discuss her recent essay, “Telling the Truth About Nelson Mandela.” We briefly discussed what Mandela is often remembered for rather than what he might be better remembered for having done and sparked.


  1. Gwiz, was enjoying Lara’s words

    What are your definitions for ‘white’ and ‘racist’?

    These questions have yet to be answered?

  2. @nixakliel

    “the threat of protracted violence & bloodshed had to be on the table [which apparently Mandela & others understandably wanted to avoid]”

    The ANC considered violence as their primary motivational factor to mobilized poor blacks. [Wikileaks: CableGate: ANC avoid defining “one-man one vote”; & need direct confrontation to mobilize their followers – Reference ID: 90CAPETOWN97].

    The ANC could have ended apartheid nonviolent, long before sharpeville or Mandela chose to opt for a military struggle, by engaging with the Apartheid government to address the breeding and consumption war root causes of organized violence. They may have failed in such negotations, but if they had tried, they would have had the moral high ground [Letter to EU Anti-Apartheid Org’s: Could the ANC have won liberation struggle Honourably and Non-violently; by ending their Swart Gevaar Breeding War?]

    The assassination of Chris Hani, was ‘organized’ by the SA Communist Party, who contracted the job out to the ‘right wing’.
    Neither Hani, nor Mandela or the ANC care one fig about the poor black people; all they cared about was their own ego’s and financial self enrichment.

    The Freedom Charter is nothing more than the ANC’s version of Jim Jones Koolaid, and like ecological and egological illiterate zombies, the ANC and liberals blindly continue to drink it, believing that the earth is flat, they can breed and consume like rabbits on viagra, and resources are infinite; while their KoolAid cult leaders lead them like rats to drown in their greed. [New evidence in Hani death plot, January 31, 1997; Mail & Guardian]

    “After getting a ‘pass’ by the so-called ‘Truth and Reconciliation {c}Omission’,”
    The organization who benefited the most from the TRC Fraud, was the ANC who covered up (a) their Camp Quatro Terror camps where they tortured and murdered their own ANC members for years; not to mention Mandelas involvement in the assassination of Quatro whistleblowers [Mbokodo Quatro Uncensored]; (b) ANC’s ‘operation production’ policy which allowed its male ANC cadres ‘free sex’ to rape and gangrape female ANC members, forcing them to be ‘brood sows’ to breed cannon fodder for the ANC. Any female who refused to be raped, or was found using contraceptives was accused of being an ‘apartheid spy’; given a people’s court trial, and necklaced, where broken bottles were shoved up her vagina, as a ‘terror warning’ to any other black women who refused to be the ANC’s cannon fodder brood sows; etc. [Letter to EU Anti-Apartheid Org’s: Could the ANC have won liberation struggle Honourably and Non-violently; by ending their Swart Gevaar Breeding War?] For the past ten years Mandela and the ANC have refused to support an impartial Truth Commission to address the root breeding war and consumption war causes of Apartheid violence. [Concourt: Alien on Pale Blue Dot v. Afriforum et al]

  3. Naomi Klein’s ‘Shock Doctrine’- Rise of Disaster Capitalism gives a good analysis on how Mandela & the ANC were maneuvered into abandoning the people’s ‘Freedom Charter’ [see How Mandela’s Dream of Black Power Became a “Neoliberal Nightmare” @ ].
    Then w the break-up of the USSR & Russia turning from Marxist-Leninism & toward capitalism, many 3rd World socialist movements IE: the ANC’s allies S.Africa’s Communist Party & Labor Unions- became somewhat disoriented & misguided- ultimately allying w more ‘Centrists Reformist {neo}Liberal’ elements from the US & EU.
    – In order for the white power elites to fully maneuver Mandela & the ANC into their ‘trap’ 3 things had to happen- the threat of protracted violence & bloodshed had to be on the table [which apparently Mandela & others understandably wanted to avoid], & also the removal from the scene of 2 key players- which at the time I for one failed to fully understand all of the implications. Thus we saw: 1} the break-up of Mandela’s marriage to Winnie [who’s barely even been mentioned by the lame-stream & even alternative media as they commemorate Mandela] & 2} the assassination of Chris Hani.
    These 2 figures were both more ‘radical’ & grass-roots oriented than Mandela & had enough stature & influence w the S.African masses to check any move by the ANC to abandon its commitment to the ‘Freedom Charter’. Of course Winnie [once called the ‘Mother of the Nation’] as Mandela’s wife [18 yrs his junior] could have definitely influenced him to adhere to the principals of the Freedom Charter. Thus reactionary elements linked to the Apartheid Regime- apparently in cahoots w elements within the ANC- hyped a scenario to tarnish Winnie’s rep [including alleged adultery] & break-up her marriage to Mandela [curiously though ‘accused’ of accessory to murder- she never went jail].
    Contrast that w those convicted of Hani’s murder, stating that they were acting under orders by the Apartheid regime linked ‘Conservative Party’- allegations that were effectively white-washed & swept under the rug. After getting a ‘pass’ by the so-called ‘Truth and Reconciliation {c}Omission’, The Conservative Party remained active till 2003 when it formed Freedom Front Plus party in the ‘new’ S.Africa.

    1. PS: Sis Kimberley & Bro Ball are on point about this ad-nauseum meme about Mandela was so-good to forgive his [& S.African’s] white oppressors in the white supremacists Apartheid regime.
      White people NEVER seem to either forget or forgive their alleged Black & Brown enemies. Did they forgive H Rap Brown, Mumia Abu Jamal, Assata Shakur, Geronimo Pratt, Leonard Peltier, Herman Wallace [who after releasing him from 40 straight yrs of solitary confinement, literally while on his point death-bed, the persecutor’s office re-indicted him]- Khadaffi, Fidel, Chavez, Mugabe, etc,…??? Answer HELL NO!!!

      1. @ nixakliel

        Mandela did not forgive his ‘white enemies’. LOL. You should stop drinking your corporate media coolaid. Name one black country in africa, who treated their africans better than apartheid? Every single country in africa, treated africans as slaves and pieces of dirt; far far far far worse than apartheid treated africans. So, you have no problems, with africans treating each other like dirt, but you expect whites to treat you like ‘humans’; when you treat each other like dirt. The apartheid regime made many mistakes, but during apartheid a poor black woman in south africa could (a) get free medical care, including contraception; and (b) if she was beaten up by a black man, the police would not tolerate it, and he would be charged. She had protection from black male violence, by her ‘oppressors’ those ‘racist’ white boers.

        Under Nelson Mandela, poor black women are used by the ANC as welfare vote farm slavery brood sows, where they are paid R250 welfare to breed more poverty stricken children, to entrench families in ever increasing poverty; for the benefit of the ANC (always blamed on whitey of course), with very little help of contraception or being the final arbiter of her reproduction choices; and (b) if she is beaten up, raped or abused by her black partner, the black south african police don’t really care; they are so corrupt and over-extended, the ignore her abuse.

        So white ‘racist’ boers cared more about the most vulnerable black women in South Africa, and they should not be forgiven for their ‘racism’; while new black south africa ANC treats poor black women like brood sows and cockroaches; and they should be hero worshipped.

        And you people wonder why some white people think you are not only stupid and damn ungrateful when you are treated with just a little respect; whereas you have no respect for each other.

        1. I don’t even know how I should respond to someone who’s apparently a white racist who wishes for the ‘good ole Apartheid days’ in S.Africa to return -OR- Perhaps is a self hating Negro, w out-right contempt for their own kind.

          1. Nixakliel:

            It is possible that I may be a ‘white racist’; according to your definition of ‘white’ and ‘racist’. If you provide your definitions, and according to such definitions, I fit your definition; I have no problem admitting to such.

            What are your definitions for ‘white’ and ‘racist’?

            In my culture, we evaluate any political system, or racial / non racial culture and religion, based upon whether it works for the maximum number of people in that system; whether it is honest, and based upon ecological carrying capacity reality and fully informed consent.

            My comments and criticisms of both apartheid and the current ANC ruled regime are based upon those critical foundations.

            How would you define a ‘self hating negro’? In my experience of living in black communities, many in the black community do not handle criticism well (not that many whites do, but on average they handle it better, than the average black person, I would say). Most of the people black people appear to call ‘self hating blacks’ appear to me to be blacks who have reasonably higher standards, and provide other blacks with honest tough love criticism. Generally, those making the accusation of ‘self hating black’ almost never address the feedback the alleged ‘self hating black’ is providing them with; indicating that they appreciate honourable criticism and feedback about possible errors in thier thinking.

            In my culture — radical honoursty, — someone who is willing to honourably confront me, and provide me with detailed evidence for any possible error in my thinking, or actions; is either an honourable enemy (potential friend), or a friend who loves me enough to hold me accountable to the standards I wish to be held accountable to; to be true to who I am.

            So you would need to be more specific about my errors of thinking, or evidence; and if so, I am more than willing to investigate and if your evidence is of sufficient weight; to amend my working hypothesis conclusions, and appreciate you for your constructive feedback.

          1. @Blackscholar

            LOL. You are quiet entitled to your opinion.

            If sincere, please clarify, do your black scholar ‘studies’ teach your black sheep (1) how to develop nightvision sympathy; for useful idiots who don’t know how to (2 differentiate between an honourable tough love pink person, and parasite pink persons simply using you as useful idiot welfare vote farm sperm donors and brood sow cannon fodder on their welfare vote farm plantations (If not, he may be able to help); (2) or how to responsibly regulate their genital boxes, to avoid conflict about where to drill the village well.

      1. Hi @Nixakliel,

        I am creating a web show and I love some of the knowledge you share. Do you have a way I can contact you personally?

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