The Roof Is On Fire! White Supremacy Speaks Again w Neely Fuller

Mr. Neely Fuller joined us again to discuss the system of global White supremacy embellishing on our colonial analogies and borrowing from Aime’ Cesaire’s ideas of colonial/racial tourism and exportation of societal ills or perversions.


  1. Prof Neely states the World is currently dominated by a global system of white-supremacy. Obviously we don’t have to talk about the hard-core Repug FOX Noise crowd’s blatant advocacy of white-supremacy, & of-course many / most Black radicals from Malcolm X, Kwame’ Toure’ to Assata Shakur clearly saw & called out this tendency even among most Dim so-called ‘Liberals’.
    But IMO we’ve got to do an analysis of white supremacy tendencies’ even re: white Marxist Socialists / Communists. It never fails that Marxists socialists [IE: WSWS], will try to ‘spin’ a blatant racist act of oppression &/or violence, whether state sanctioned / under the color of law [ala Killer Cop Wilson], or individually [ala Demon Dylann Roof]- as a case of class trumps race- even when the perp [Demaon dylann roof] plainly & in NO uncertain terms says his act of Racial Terrorism was racistly motivated!!!
    – Well this time it was NOT WSWS [at-least not yet], but the ‘PROLETARIAN ALTERNATIVE COLLECTIVE’ whoever the heck they are [see @ / ].
    They begin by sorta admitting the obvious: } ‘This was an act motivated by racism, but it was also more than that… Let’s draw the connections between racism, fascism & the current structural crisis of capitalism…'{.OK nothing much to really disagree w yet -but- They continue-} Dylann Roof committed a political act. As such, we need to interpret it in the realm of class struggle {humm…}. No political act is committed outside of the reality of classes & class struggle {humm 2Xs}. This is true even if one does not even recognize that his/her action is a political act, & that it is in the interest of particular classes… The political act committed by Roof was an act benefiting a specific faction of the capitalist class. Whether or not he is conscious of it, this killer is a foot soldier for them. In the final analysis he represents this capitalist bloc and his act was in their interests… {- Yeah- the WHITE Power Elites- especially the Hard-core FOX Noise type Repug poli-tricksters & their talking-head reactionaries.
    They continue } Following this act in Charleston, many intellectuals, in a defense of bourgeois ideology, raced to conclusions & did not look beyond concepts such as racism, terrorism or even the absurd notion of craziness. In doing so, they are setting the tone and terms of debate. And the petit bourgeois radical left will fall in line, focus on the racism aspect & run w it, limiting the capacity to offer a materialist interpretation of objective reality [the Objective reality is that Roof Clearly SAID his main motivation was RACIST & He want to start a RACE WAR- DUHH!!!]. Because their analysis is only nominally Marxist-flavored, hugely diluted by metaphysics/idealism [IE: spiritual-faith?] , they will be stuck organizing struggles confined within the limits offered to them by the intellectuals representing the interests of the capitalist class. Thus they will inadvertently benefit factions of the capitalist class, most likely those represented by the Democrat Party… {
    – These guys talked about the absurd idea of insanity as Roof’s motivation, yet then claim he UNCONSCIOUSLY carried out his RACIST-TERRORIST act of mass murder such that some faction of the capitalist class benefitted- Humm… [WTF]. FYI: PROLETARIAN ALTERNATIVE COLLECTIVE: The Dims don’t need a Racist Mass KILLER ala Demon Dylann Roof, to get ‘liberals’ & even so-called ‘progressive’ & even supposed ‘radicals’ to back them. Most of these folks backed Slick Willy in 1992-96, Gore in 2000, Kerry in 2004, Obama in 2008 – 12, & will do so again for Billary in 2016. This almosts sound like PROLETARIAN ALTERNATIVE COLLECTIVE are implying that the Obama-Killary Dims [covertly] manipulated Roof as a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ type killer, so Billary can win in 2016- Yetn the ‘Objective Reality’ is FOX-Noise type Repugs have been the main ones who’ve most overtly [w duplicity from most Dims] stoked this racist atmosphere that produced Demon Dylann Roof & his racist ilk!!! Now will Billary-Killary & the Dims try to ‘spin’ this tragedy to put the Repugs on the defensive, embarrass them & back them into a corner that they’ve painted themselves into- Of-course the Dims are likely to try to take full poly-trickal advantage. But again they’ve tried to do so before without a Dylann Roof.
    Plus: Dim POTUS Obama [the 1st Black Pres] & his Dim AG Holder [the 1st Black AG] have totally FAILED Blacks re: racial violence vs Blacks carried out by [mainly white] KILLER Cops [ala Darren Wilson]. Yet Dims ala Billary will still get 80% – 90% of the Black vote anyway.
    – So then the PROLETARIAN ALTERNATIVE COLLECTIVE, followed up w a ‘Usual Suspect’ list of Black / African [alleged] despots [IE: Selassie, Senghor, Mobutu, Trujillo, Balaguer, Duvalier – IMO that they’d lump Hallie Selassie w Mobutu Duvalier is problematic if NOT out-right wacked] to prove class trumps race. Yet Demon Dylann technically was likely closer to the [economic] class [certainly NOT in moral class] of most of his Black victims- than he is to the Koch Bros, Rupert Murdoch, Donald [Duck] trump, Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham, etc… whose race-tinged rhetoric likely ‘inspired’ him / egged him on. That’s the problem w trying to do a class only {mis}’Analysis’ of the ‘Objective Reality’ of the legacy of US race & class struggle without giving due weight to RACE as a, If NOT THEE- main factor involved. Cause just how would the PROLETARIAN ALTERNATIVE COLLECTIVE, WSWS, or any other [white dominated] Marxist / socialist / communist group explain the ‘Objective Fact’ most soldiers who manned the Confederate army, were NOT even slave owners themselves but rather proletariat / working-class whites [aka dirt-poor dirt-farmers]- Who allowed themselves to be led into a disastrous attempt [for which most of them would NOT have benefited – yet some 250,000 – 300,000 of them DIED] to EXPAND slavery beyond the traditional southern slave-states, by Rich Aristocratic Slave-Plantation owners- who comprised most of the Confederate officer corp! I defy any Marxist-socialist-communist to give an adequate coherent analysis of this ‘Objective Fact’ based on just class alone [or even primarily so] while down-playing RACE as a / THEE main motivating factor re: those dirt-poor dirt-farmers who were by-far the main rank-&-file foot-soldiers of the Confederacy.
    – The ‘Objective Reality’ is Demon Dylann Roof didn’t tell his Black victims, he was targeting them cause they’e too Rich & part of the ‘1%’… He said he Killed them cause they were BLACK & he’s a RACIST Soldier for WHITE-Supremacy!!! IMO the PROLETARIAN ALTERNATIVE COLLECTIVE {mis}’Analysis is almost as ‘OFF’ / ‘Out the Box’ as FOX Noise’s BS claim that Roof’s act of Racist Terrorism was really about targeting Christians [all BLACK in a historically BLACK / AFRICAN Methodist Church], except IMO PROLETARIAN ALTERNATIVE COLLECTIVE’s claims is in some ways even more subtly deceptive!!!

    1. Gwiz, I sense that if you listen to more of Neely Fuller you may learn of why he would refuse to align and relate racism to fascism, probably asking, to begin with, that the latter term be defined. Fascism seems to lead us back into “politics” which is but confusion which takes us away from the realities of rule: that white people own whatever system, regime, arrangement we may label, term or identify. Beyond that, it underpins reality as the dominant socio-material regime that exists on the planet

  2. FYI: The ‘FOX type’ denial of racism as the main motive for attacks on Black Churches, began BEFORE FOX Noise had even started! During the early to mid 1990s when scores of Black Churches were burned across the south, most of which were apparently [or even obviously] racially motivated; authorities from the local cops all the way to the FEDs [ATF & FBI] consistently denied that race was a factor. In fact often the authorities had the gall to try to accuse church members as the ‘real’ culprits! And too often it seemed that the authorities were trying to give cover to / divert attention away from the Usual Suspects IE: the KKK, Skin Heads, Aryan Faction & other racist neo-NAZI types [Humm…] Then [just like FOX does now], the authorities [& lame-stream] media accused Black spoke-persons who insisted that most of the 1990s Black Church burnings were racially motivated of ‘fanning the flames’ of racial tensions!! [Note this 1996 report re: the 1990s Black Church Burnings @!!
    – So FOX Noise may NOW be the most blatantly loud & obnoxious re: denying the obvious when RACISM is the main motive for actions ala Demon Dylann Roof vs the Black Church [& Blacks in general], but this did NOT begin w FOX!!!

  3. What those folks needed was some FOI or even just plain ole ‘gangsta thugs’ in their prayer-service packing a little ‘Faith in their Good Books’ ala ‘Buck & the Preacher’. That way instead of begging for demon Dylann to stop [to NO avail], their prayers may have been answered w a bit of ‘thunder & lightning’ from ‘Gun-Smoke’.

  4. Emphasizing the Point: Christian Dim Pres H.S.Truman of mainly Christian USA, ordered the NUKING of Nagasaki using Japan largest Christian Church [both bldg & congregation], as Ground ZERO during Sun morning service!!! Thus in just one bright FLASH, Truman OBLITERATED 80% – 90% of all of Japan’s Christians!!! Thus compared to Truman, what Dylann Roof did was ‘Child’s Play’!!!

  5. At-Times IMO the FOX Noise Repugs & white ‘Liberals’ & even white Marxist-Leninists are 2 sides of the same mirror re: the race issue. FOX tried to ‘spin’ Dylann Roof’s BLATANT ACT of white RACIST TERRORISM as ‘really’ an act of violence against Christians [I bet Roof was raised in a southern white ‘Christian’ home]- who just so happened to ALL be Black in a Historically Black / AFRICAN Methodist Church -but- Repeatedly I’ve seen [white] socialist WSWS try to ‘spin’ the epidemic of [mainly white] cops KILLING unarmed Black [& Brown] men, women, children & ELDERS [FYI: most of Roof’s victims were WOMEN over age 45 – the eldest were age 70, 74 {a man} & 87] as really all about Class- NOT RACE! [as Prof Fuller says just because they’re ‘liberals’ & even ‘Marxist-Communists’ don’t mean don’t have white-supremacist tendencies]!!

    I’ve NEVER heard of a Black ‘thug’ going into a church or other place of worship- whether Black, white, Hispanic, Catholic, Mosque, Synagogue, etc… & murdering a bunch of folks- Seems like only white guys KILL Like that!!! [FYI: Truman used Japan’s largest Christian Church as ground-zero to NUKE Nagasaki during Sunday morning mass].
    This Dylann Roof tale [wasn’t one of the Columbine mass-shooters’ named ‘Dylan’] is a perfectly-tragic metaphor for what happens when Black folks try to embrace our white oppressors. First they fake like their praying w you, then they turn & PREY on You [take note all ‘Negroes’ who’re about to join Billary-Killary’s POTUS band-wagon]!!!

    IMO the rise of world-wide white-supremacy has reach its ‘height’ since the era of Chris Columbus [prefaced by the Christian-Castilians expelling the Afro-Islamic Moors from Spain in Jan 1492]- up till the present. But the pre-conditions date back to at-least the ara of Alexander the Greek’s conquest of Afro-Asiatic lands- including Egypt. Alex set-up his ‘Alexandrian’ [Euro-Greco] ‘Dynasty’ in Egypt circa 332 BCE [FYI: ‘Egypt’ & ‘Nile’ are Greek words], including establishing his Egyptian ‘capital’ as his own name-sake. Ole Alex did likewise w his Persian conquest by setting himself up as Persia’s ‘King’. [Note: Some would even date this back to the Greco-Trojan war, stating that the ancient Trojans were Afro-Asiatic peoples].
    – The next stage of European conquest of African & Afro-Asiatic lands & peoples occurred w the fall of Carthage after the legendary African general Hannibal was ultimately defeated by Publius Scipio the Younger [aka Scipio Africanus = ‘Conqueror of Africa’]- Circa 202 – 159 BCE.
    – Then there was the Euro-Christian Crusades into N.Africa & the ‘Holy-Land’ circa 1100 – 1300 ACE- resulting in the advent of the Ottoman Turk Empire circa 1300 to 1922 ACE. This led to the rise of Caucasianized ‘Arabs’ who now dominate N.Africa [along w Arabia, the Levant & the Mesopotamia]. Many people ‘forget’ that Caucasian ‘Arabs’ had an East African / ‘Mid-East’ slave-trade going even before Euro-Christians started the more well-known West-African / Trans-Atlantic slave-trade.

    So even though since the Crusades & definitely since Columbus, white-supremacy has taken-on a really arrogantly ugly racist character that ‘Alex’ & his Greco-Roman mob may have lacked; IMO the rise of European dominance of African & Afro-Asiatic lands [aka white-supremacy] definitely began w [or perhaps even before] ole ‘Alex’ & his Greeks.

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