Radical Ma’at: The African Social, Political and Military Order

Esi Ramu developed and hosted this powerful edition of the Super Funky Soul Power Hour.  Our guest this week, Dr. Kipoeech araap Sambu, who is warmly compared to the legendary Cheikh Anta Diop, exposed our audience to the lesser known of the already lesser known.  His focus on today’s east African communities and their ancestral lineage to ancient Egypt/Kemet is as rare as the interdisciplinary nature of Dr. Sambu’s truly seminal work.  His re-working of the concept of Ma’at is equally seminal and fascinating in its own right but is also given new life in its rediscovered contemporary use.   “Egyptian religion is most intriguing and exciting and there exist volumes upon volumes of literature on it, much of it misleading, some of it too simplistic, even mischievous, while only a small quantity is of scholarly quality. The author studied these varied sources, learned the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic script-based and the Coptic script-based language stages and then, so armed, carried out his own original research… ” – Dr. Kipkoeech araap Sambu

*March 9, 2012

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