Dr. King Commemorated: COINTELPRO and the 45th Anniversary of the Assassination of Dr. King

Activists and scholars gathered at Morgan State University April 4, 2013 to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The event’s focus was the particular relationship Dr. King had at the end of his life with the state, its mass media and leading civil rights leadership which meant a particular focus on Dr. King’s evolving and radicalizing politics.

Introduction: Dr. King Remembered in the Mainstream and Black Presses Dr. Jared Ball
Dr. King and the Continuum of African Liberation Struggles
Dr. Mark Bolden´╗┐
MLK’s Real Politics and Impact on Radicalizing Younger Generations
Baltimore’s Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, Lawrence Grandpre,  Drs. Raymond Winbush and Kmt Shockley of Morgan State University
Off the Cuff: An Interview About a Life of Struggle
Mr. Tom Porter, former
member of CORE, SNCC and the former head of The King Center in Atlanta, GA.
From Dreams to Nightmares and Prison Bars: Not Just A New Jim Crow But An Old and Continued Enslavement
Dominque Stevenson of A Friend of a Friend Prison Program and Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI), Jocelyn Cole, Leamon Harris, Dr. Natasha Pratt Harris´╗┐


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