Russell “Maroon” Shoatz and The Euphemism of “Mass Incarceration”

Today we discussed the euphemisms of “mass incarceration,” “new slavery,” “new Jim Crow,” “prison industrial complex,” and others with Dominque Stevenson, Yusef Bunchy Shakur and members of the Friend of A Friend prison program. We also heard from Theresa Shoatz about her father and political prisoner Russell “Maroon” Shoatz and his new book edited by Quincy Saul. April 19, 2013.


  1. Hmmm….I’m with y’all most of the time, but I’m not understanding the Michelle Alexander critique. I’ve listened to several of her lectures and read most of the book. Most of what you all talked about she has also addressed. Also “new form of slavery” and “better form of slavery” are saying precisely the same thing. So is the point that intellectuals cant write about this important problem? Seems like y’all are going out of the way to create disagreement when it doesn’t actually exist. Would be great to have her on your show as opposed to straw man-ning her arguments. kzs

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