Revolutionaries Never Die! The Mixtape, Discussion and Politics

Ruff Mic of Precise Science joined us to talk about their new Tubman City Sound Lounj event and the cultural politics it involves.  We also had Dr. Hate back in studio to talk about this, Trayvon Martin and more.  Among other gems from Wise Intelligent and Yasiin Bey we also rocked some of this dope mixtape from DJ Sese of True Skool Radio: Revolutionaries Never Die (The Political Prisoners mixtape).

* We mentioned Jamil Al-Amin/H. Rap Brown but should have included something on his current status as a political prisoner.


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  1. Hello! I like your program and was wondering if you were still actively doing new shows. I had a show of my own for a long time that was very similar and have the connection to have a show played weekly in air in the Midwest but would need to put together some shows.

    The shows are three hours long and can consist of virtually anything we want as long as they have that message and are not full of garbage ego hip hop. The station manager said that the station would love to have these tapes so if you are interested in communicating and putting some stuff together I would be very excited. I have about 30+ hours of material I have saved from past shows but would like to make current metterial that stays relevant with what is happening now.

    I understand these projects take time and energy but if you are interested please get back to me.



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