A discussion of A Lie of Reinvention: Correcting Manning Marable’s Malcolm X.  This event took place November 5, 2013 at the East Columbia Branch of the Howard County Library in Columbia, MD.

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  1. Though a thorough political & technical analysis & critique is needed RE Marable’s ‘Reinvented’ Malcolm, IMO what really would get folks attention is showing that Marable’s ‘Book of Reinvention’ is just plain wrong RE key points & accusations it tries to make -or even worse- that it’s deliberately deceptive & even tells bold-face LIES w those accusations.

    Marable’s book of a ‘Reinvented’ Malcolm apparently does this at-least TWICE RE his more salacious gossip RE Malcolm’s alleged ‘sex-capades’ [according to Marable & Co.]- all in an effort to so-call ‘humanize’ Malcolm. Malcolm as Detroit Red admitted to being a pimp, hustler, drug addict & thief- so why did Marable & Co. think he needed to be ‘humanized’ furhter viv-a-vis his so-called ‘saint-hood’? HUMM?!
    IMO Marable’s ‘Book of Reinvention’ LIED once RE Malcolm’s supposed bi-sexuality as ‘Detroit Red’ [allegedly in the role of homosexual prostitute for an old fuddy-duddy rich white guy], & once again RE his alleged role of Sis Betty’s ‘cheating’ husband. This swipe at Malcolm’s & Betty’s marriage is IMO an especially ‘LOW-BLOW’ – w dubious claims that both were cheating on each other in their marriage- Particularly the FALSE claim [= LIE] that Malcolm had a young ‘bed-warmer’ come to his hotel room on the eve of his assassination [‘curiously’ & ‘ironically’ this is the very same ‘issue’ which led to Malcolm’s falling out w Mr Muhamed & leaving the NOI]! – A provable LIE, confirmed as such by reading the Epilogue of Malcolm’s Autobiography [pgs 430 – 431]- which shows Malcolm’s hotel room [& even that whole floor] was effectively on lock-down thru-out that night until the next morning [IE: the day of his murder] when he checked-out. Meaning there was simply NO way Malcolm could have snuck a young girl [or anyone else] in &/or out of his hotel room on the eve of his assassination!
    As for Marable’s book’s claim that Rudy was an alias for Malcolm / Detroit Red- Its been known & published in several books & articles since at-least the early to mid 1990s that ‘Rudy’s’ real name was Francis ‘Sonny’ Brown- in addition to the publishing of the real names of Malcolm’s white ex girl-friend [called Sophia in his Autobiography] & her little sister- who was Shorty’s girl-friend [their names: Bea & Joyce Caragulian of Armenian descent] along w another Armenian girl-friend / relative of theirs, Kora Marderosian, who Malcolm never mentions at-all in his Autobiography. IMO Bea most likely hooked Kora up w ‘Rudy’ [aka Francis Brown]. The point being that since it’s been known for nearly 2 decades that Rudy ain’t Malcolm- then Marable’s ‘Book of Reinvention’s’ claim that Malcolm / Detroit Red = Rudy = the homo-sexual protstitute / lover for a old rich white guy is Definitely WRONG! Worse IMO it’s most likely a Deliberate LIE! IMO this is why Marable’s book strategically uses phrases like ‘may have’, perhaps, ‘could have’ – ‘probably / possibly’, etc…, which are effectively legal ‘escape clauses’ from potential Liable SUITS.

  2. Walter, all we can do at this point is do what we’ve done: demonstrate serious flaws in the scholarship and interpretation of evidence, as well as, the ways in which the book has been praised by establishment media. You say you’ve asked about this previously in our comments section, well, in the posts on which you would have commented we’ve explained in detail our best answers to your question. Simply, we’ve seen no conclusive evidence showing that Marable did not write the book and we’ve seen no evidence that proves he did not read carefully and agree with the final published version.

  3. walter murph

    Todd Burroughs stated at 11 minutes & 5 seconds into his presentation that he didn’t believe the finished of product of Marables book was the one that he wanted, but the one that had to come out. I questioned on the comments section of your site previously, how much of the book did Marable write. Dr. Burroughs dropped a heavy statement that I think has been publicly

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