Dr. Bobby Wright Remembered

The late and legendary Black psychologist Dr. Bobby Wright (March 1, 1934 – April 6, 1982) was remembered in this discussion with Dr. Hate. “In a bullfight, after being brutalized while making innumerable charges at the movement of a cape, there comes a time when the bull finally turns and faces his adversary with the only movement being his heaving bloody sides. It is believed that for the first time he really sees the matador. This final confrontation is known as “the moment of truth.” For the bull, this moment comes too late.” – Dr. Bobby Wright


  1. You have not heard of him because you have not performed a thorough research. There is a video of him online speaking to students. He was a West Side Chicago theorist.

    1. If being a “West Side Chicago theorist” is his only attribute then it would definitely be clear why I have never heard of him. I have a very broad and somewhat deep understanding (in many instances) of most of the topics and people important to the African diaspora. I study Black people everyday. Not to say that I just know individual names, particular dates, and specific actions –my goal is to understand how the past culminated era after era to become the quagmire that we call the present. Some may call this the “genealogy of history” and others the “long view of history.”

      My shock over not knowing about Dr. Bobby Wright stems from the fact that I knew the names of everybody that he was associated with that Drs. Hate and Ball mentioned. His associates, like Hannibal Afrik, was not some “West Side Chicago”-anythings, they were Pan-Africanists and revolutionaries who sought to theorize and create a new way of educating their people along with leaving behind a collection of other important thoughts and actions to remember them by. If Dr. Bobby Wright was in this cadre, I am just shocked that I have never heard of him before this interview. Though just knowing his name and that he was from the West side of Chicago isn’t really my focus. If he was a local activist, he is still worth knowing, but I guess that I will not kick myself too hard over not.

      So once again, thanks to Dr. Hate for the homework. I am always willing to learn.


  2. Why have I never heard of Dr. Bobby Wright? Especially if he was so influential in history? He doesn’t even have his own Wikipedia page (as if that’s a standard of impact on history). Thanks to the homework. Dr. Hate always brings something new to the table.

    Wouldn’t an at-least a partial example of Black Social Theory be Frank Wilderson’s Anti-Black Antagonisms Theory? A worldwide white psychopathy that attacks global Blackness as so defined in various local cultures and never follows its own rules as set for themselves especially towards Black peoples?


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