1. Of course the Lame-stream media & even much of the alternative media do NOT / will NOT mention that in a 1999 civil trail of the King Family vs Loyd Jowers, it was determined that MLK was killed due to a conspiracy involving elements of the FBI, Military Intel units, the Memphis PD & the mafia…
    How often do even excerpts of Dr MLK’s April 4th 1967 powerful anti Vietnam War speech at Riverside Church [given exactly 1 yr before his assassination] appear in the lame-stream media??? How often do the lame-stream media play Dr Kings entire ‘I’ve Been to the Mountain Top’ Speech given the day before his murder- where he said that Lincoln Vacillated re the freeing of slaves during the Civil War- & that events effectively forced Ole {dis}Honest Abe to do what he was clearly reluctant to do? How often does the lame-stream media talk about MLK’s 1957 speech in honor of Ghana’s Independence or his friendship w Kwame’ Nkrumah?

    Going back to the theme that even much of the so-called ‘left’ ‘alternative’ media avoids mentioning the 1999 Jowers civil trial- In a recent CounterPunch article entitled ‘Did the Elites Have Rev ML.King Jr Killed’ [@ http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/01/24/did-the-elites-have-rev-martin-luther-king-jr-killed/ ], this article fails to even mention the 1999 Jowers civil trial even as it refers to ‘factoids’ that came out in &/or are directly related to that trial! Then IMO it effectively sabotages its whole apparent premise w this statement absent any qualifiers- ‘James Earl Ray, a white man, was convicted of killing [MLK] and sentenced to 99 years. Ray Was CERTAINLY the Gunman’…

  2. There’s been much speculation if Jesse Jackson played any role in MLK’s assassination. From the Loyd Jowers vs the King Family civil trial; we know that Rev Billy Kyles made some curiously contradictory if not incriminating statements RE himself & his actions. But the Trial apparently did NOT specifically implicate Jesse.
    But in a recent interview w King Family [& JE.Ray] lawyer Bill Pepper @ PNR.TV Network on Jan 20, 2014- Pepper puts out a little tidbit of info re Jesse I hadn’t heard before RE events leading up-to MLK’s assassination- IE: That one of the ex-Invaders told Pepper that it was Jesse who told them that Martin wanted them to leave only about 10 to 15 minutes before Martin was shot. Though this info IMO ain’t quite as incriminating as that which Pepper’s said came out in the Jowers Trial against Rev Kyles- It Is ‘Interesting’ [see @ http://prn.fm/progressive-commentary-hour-012014/ ].

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