November 5, 2014

November 3, 2014

And please see, Fuck the Vote from legendary indigenous poet John Trudell,

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  1. IMO a far more important issues for progressives [& everyone else for that matter] than the Dims losing the senate & several governorships- including in Obama’s home state of IL; – Or even the passing of several states’ measures ‘decriminalizing’ marijuana… – Is the fact that referendums to pass GMO labeling laws FAILED Yet Again in both the supposedly ‘liberal-blue’ states of CO & OR- just as what happened in the supposedly ‘liberal-blue’ states of Cali & Wash 1 & 2 yrs ago. In fact in CO it was NOT even close CO voters voted its proposed GMO labeling law by a 2 to 1 margin.
    Yet all DN!, CD, et-al want to discuss is the million$$$ that MonSatanO, ADM, Coke, McDonalds & KFC, et-al… spent / spend on their dis-info campaigns vs GMO labeling [& vs independent reports on GMO safety]. IMO- What could possibly be so ‘confusing’ about the fundamental right for people to know exactly what’s in the ‘food’ they’re buying, eating & feeding to their kids???

    PS: The NAACP helped sale MonSatanO’s BS mis-info about GMO labeling to Cali’s Black & brown voters back in 2012- IE: the NAACP sold out to Monsatano the same way it sold-out [cheap] to that racist billionaire slum-lord & now ex-LA Clippers owner Don Sterling.

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