SUT JHALLY is Professor of Communication at the University of Massachusetts and founder and Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation.  Below is the audio from his virtual visit to our class to talk with us about the above video presentation.  Our conversation with Jhally* (admittedly not the best quality audio but still well worth a listen) covered a wide range of topics.  We discussed, of course, class, race and media, but also “reality” television, Cosby, Obama, Scandal, Blackish, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The New Jim Crow and much more.  We also took a few minutes to ask Jhally about the late Stuart Hall and The Media Reform Movement.

*[Student questions cannot be heard though at times they are repeated and at others Jhally’s responses make clear the questions to which he is responding]


  1. It would have been nice if somebody would have brought up the show ‘Everybody Hates Chris.’ I do not think that I’ve ever heard a political critique of it before and I think that it was an actual wholesome, witty, and family oriented show depicting a working class African family in a way that suggests that we are human. I really liked the depictions of the parents (hardworking father with a mother who still played a central role). I actually watched tv again for the show and have always wondered why no Black political analysis ever developed over it. It was almost the anti-Tyler Perry Black comedy.

  2. Also the post class discussion on how to be an intellectual and Hall was good. You should let us into your classroom more often Doc.

  3. Doc
    Thank you for inviting us into your classroom. Great guest and great Q & A discussion.
    The point made about the world around us not being natural and is created by us in it was a good point to be made by your guest.

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