Media Coverage of Baltimore’s Uprisings (Parts I & 2)

Dr. Natasha Pratt-Harris and David Barney of Morgan State University sat down with Jared Ball and Mike Nyce of WEAA 88.9 FM/Baltimore and the No Hooks and Hip-Hop Chronicles crew to talk Baltimore, uprisings, media coverage and next steps.



  1. Bro Doruba bin Wahad talks about how lame-stream discourse since at-least the 1960s [or even before], has been steadily pulled toward the more hard-core reactionary [& often racist] extreme memes.

    Thus supposedly ‘Liberal’ ‘centrist’ media IE: CNN [& the NY-Times, Wa-Post, etc] is now sounding more like FOX Noise w their talking points & ‘spin’. So CNN’s now perfectly comfortable calling Black Youth ‘Thugs’ & even insisting that those they interview should do so likewise. Of course CNN feels fully empowered to do so when Obama & Baltimore’s Black woman mayor, also said it.

  2. Ex BPP member & ex political prisoner Bro Eddie Conway gives a good break-down on how this how protest by students-protesters narrative got spun into a ‘riot’ by’thugs’ by the lame-stream- re: the Baltimore uprising on the day of Freddie Gray’s funeral. As Bro Ball implies, Bro Conway’s also suggests that the way this unfolded either the Baltimore’s & Maryland’s ‘powers that be’ were incredibly short-sighted & stupid, or this was a cynical ploy to try to spin the narrative from Thuggish-Killer Cops to calling those protesting killer-cops- ‘Thugs’ [as ex congressman Stokes told CNN’s FOXish presstitute- Thug is the ‘new’ lame-stream code word for NIGGER].

    This whole thing re: the Crips & Bloods out to ‘purge’ cops… Do Black youth even use that kind of terminology / slang??? I’ve heard of: smoking, snuffing, icing, doing a 187 on, etc… cops- but never doing a ‘purge’ on cops!

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