In the wake of Rachel Dolezal‘s NAACP resignation, members of the TRNN team discuss why the case has become such a national debate

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  1. Nixakliel

    So IMO there’s more to reparations due Blacks [& Haitians, Africans in general & even Native Americans] than just monetary payouts. How about starting w reparations re: our cultural heritage & history!!!


    PS: IMO gender & race are not just social constructs [though in the modern Euro-American context that’s definitely a component]- there are definite observable & biological differences that distinguish male & female; & African from European phenotypes. In fact contrary to Marx’ class based analysis, class is a more social construct & abstract concept than race & gender. Class is based on wealth w in the modern context is based on [paper] Money [now electronic money]. FYI: Paper money just became the universal standard over the last 200 – 300 yrs w the rise of the modern capitalist banking system & Euro-American colonial / imperialist hegemony over African & 3rd World peoples. Meaning prior to Columbus & the Mayflower, most of the World people would have RIDICULED the idea that wealth = paper $$$ & Euros!!! But the concepts of male & female along w melanin existed ever since Man & Woman originated in Africa!

  2. Nixakliel

    ‘Give Us Back Our Stuff’ – Damn Right- Which just don’t end w STOP Hyping Elvis, Benny Goodman, Kenny G, M&M, Justine Timberlake, etc, etc, etc… Over Jackie Wilson & Chuck Berry, Duke Ellington, Coletrain, Wynton Marsalis, Tupac, Public Enemy, D’Andre, etc…

    It also means give us back our historical heritage- IE: How can Holly-weird in 2014-15 still make movies depicting the ancient Egyptians as white [ala the new ‘Exodus’ movie]??! But then they just made a highly acclaimed movie about the abolition of slavery [‘Lincoln’] & totally erased Fredrick Douglas & Harriette Tubman from it!
    I just had an on-line joker insist the ancient Egyptian were ‘caucasian’- even w ‘blue-eyes’ [which is uncommon even for modern Arab Egyptians]- & showed 6 pics of Egyptian artifacts that supposedly backed-up his ludicrous claims. Ironically 4 of the 6 pics, clearly had African features, w 1 of the 6 being a bit ‘ambiguous’ [could be seen either way]. Yet even more ‘Ironic,’ the artifact of the so-called ‘ancient’ Egyptian [NOT!] that looked most ‘caucasian’, clearly had BROWN Skin & Black Hair cropped so low there’s no way to tell for sure what his hair texture was [IMO he likely was from the so-called ‘Alexandrian’ {he Greek} Dynasty era, post 335 BCE]. Thus in 2015 Euro-centric & even many / most Arab Egyptologists pretend it’s debatable if the ancient Egyptians were indeed ‘really’ African – Africans- Huhh -WTF!!!

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