Activist, organizer and producer of “An American Nightmare: Black Labor and Liberation” Kali Akuno discusses the “disposable” nature of Black life and labor

A call to support An American Nightmare: Black Labor and Liberation


This is an appeal to people’s artists of liberation and revolution to join  with Deep Dish TV and Cooperation Jackson to create a new multi-media video project, An American Nightmare:  Black Labor and Liberation , a seven part documentary series which is now at a crucial stage of development.  We began the project over two years ago many months before the explosive events of Ferguson, New York, Baltimore, etc. burst the  myth of a post-racial America  once and  for all.  The project digs out the systemic roots of racism in the U.S. and examines the path forward, in sharp contrast to the many efforts to distract popular focus away from the grassroots and into reformist and electoral arenas. We have held town hall meetings and conducted interviews in many cities.  Our plan is to create a dynamic and compelling picture of the problems and solutions.

We need your help.  Resources are available for reformists and politicians, but not for determined and independent grassroots empowerment projects like this one.  We are launching a Kickstarter campaign to gather the money needed for this extensive & strategic media initiative.  To ensure the success of this fundraising campaign, we are asking artists to join Emory Douglas and many others in contributing art work – posters, photos, videos, DVDs, books – to be offered to donors as premiums for their support.

Please respond to:, with your questions and artwork-donations.

For building the unity and struggle,

Kali Akuno, project director
Emory Douglas, revolutionary artist, (former Black Panther’s Minister of Culture)
Doug Norberg, Collision Course Video
Jared Ball, cultural worker/professor
Rosa Clemente, cultural worker/PhD candidate
Project information:

Project trailer

Facebook page:  “An American Nightmare” —

Kali Akuno (Project Director), background analysis:

Until We Win: Black Labor and Liberation in the Disposable Era

Sponsors of the “American Nightmare:  Black Labor and Liberation” project:

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