Dr. Sylviane A. Diouf joined us today for a discussion of African resistance to enslavement and the history of maroons.


  1. Hopefully The Real News analysis of the Judas Factor picnic/march or reunion will be half as biting as Dr Clarke analysis in the immediate aftermath of the ’95 million man march. You & Bolden let Farrakon off the hook. Dr. Clarke publicly referred to the “Minister” as a con artist. Farrakon being the skilled manipulator that he is knows that Afrikans due to crimes waged against us are woefully apolitical & non historical.The minister is fully aware that Afrikans suffer from short & long term memory loss. Afrikans forget that the minister, when at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., expelled & isolated Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad which possibly led to his death/assassination. Dr. Clarke publicly dealt with Farrakon selling out Malcolm. Warren Beatty in the Bullwortth movie said that several million whatever marches will never change the material conditions of our peoples. The minister laughs as he & his NOI cronies take the money of long suffering people to the bank. Bruce Dixon of the Black Agenda Report boycotted the picnic & stated his reasons why. No more Dr. Clarkes to deal with the “Minister”.

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