Melissa Castillo-Garsow and Dr. Jason Nichols joined us to discuss their latest anthology La Verdad: An International Dialogue on Hip Hop Latinidades.

And as promised, here are suggested links from Castillo-Garsow for further investigation:

G-Lingo “Mis Costas”
Bocafloja (Mexican rapper) over Hector Lavoe. Not a music video, just a track
Here’s a recent video of his: “Distopía”
HCP “La Verdad” (the title of the book):
Mexicans from NYC but collaborating with Chicano rappers in long beach
Here is they’re NYC style, “recession”:
Instead of salsa, here’s hip hop over samba from brazil (Marcelo D2):
Here is an indigenous woman rapping (in spanish mostly) – Mare Advertencia Lirika is a Zapoteca woman from Mexico:

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  1. Definitely a dialogue: “we”is inclusive, as it has to be in Hip Hop. Our ears have all been there and for some of us our skin too. My Barrio listened to everything and we talked sh!t about each others music and flow. One love ❤️ ✌✌

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