About the featured imagePortraits of Ksisay and Pam Sadiki. Ksisay is the daughter of Kamau Sadiki who is former member of the Black Panther Party and also the father of Assata Shakur’s child. Kamau is currently a US held political prisoner serving a life sentence for a crime that he did not commit. #blackhistorymonth #livinghistory #blackisbeautiful #knowyourhistory #knowyourblackhistory #iamfreeproject #wetpaint


  1. Thank you, for your truth-telling Dhoruba. Kamau Sadiki is a people’s hero and as such is needed at home to be a father, grandfather and continue to be the inspiration he has been his entire life to young people. Lastly, Kamau Sadiki was framed by the same white supremacist, crooked FBI agents that have concocted stories about other heroes behind bars. Free Kamau!

  2. Brother Bhoruba. If we declare ourselves to be “solders” and that we represent an “army”behind enemy lines. There are casualties of war that are inherent with that declaration in that theater. No Geneva contract no observer from the Hague. Just like in baseball. There’s no crying once one decides to go to war.

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