Prisoner Name:
Kevin “Rashid” Johnson #158039

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson (#158039) wrote an article about the Florida prison strike, which was published online on January 9, 2018. The following day warden Barry Reddish retaliated against Kevin’s use of his First Amendment rights, ordering that he be given a disciplinary infraction for “inciting a riot”. Further, on January 19th Johnson was
thrown in a cold cell, with a broken toilet, no heating, and with a window that will not fully close, allowing cold wind to blow into the
cell. The cell has the same temperature as the outside, where temperatures have been repeatedly at or below freezing. We have not
heard anything from Kevin since January 19th. Warden Barry Reddish must be held accountable for illegal retaliation and, now, the torture of Kevin “Rashid” Johnson.

We demand that Johnson is moved to a safe and clean cell, with normal indoor temperatures and with a toilet that works. We demand that Johnson be allowed to call his attorneys immediately. We demand that warden Reddish and all other Florida Department of Corrections officials stop retaliating against Kevin for his reporting on conditions in their prisons.

Warden Barry Reddish
Florida State Prison
Raiford, FL 32083


  • Move Johnson to a properly climate controlled cell with a working toilet
  • Immediately allow Johnson to make phone calls to his attorneys
  • Stop retaliating against him for reporting on conditions in your prisons


Please report back on the response to your call.  Send reports back to: jaybeware@riseup.net

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