Drs. Ball, Bolden and Burroughs, “The Killer Bs,” sat down for an “impromptu radio” formatted discussion of Burroughs’ new book, Marvel’s Black Panther: A Comic Book Biography, From Stan Lee To Ta-Nehisi Coates and more…


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  1. It is always important when viewing a film or movie to not only observe its content, but also its intent. The blockbuster movie, the Black Panther,based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, though aesthetically pleasing with its positive expressions of African symbols, wardrobes, attractive black women and ancestor acknowledgement; the films intent and denouement portrays T’Challa, the movies super hero as a collusionist in joining forces with Western powers in usurping the sovereignty of Wacanda – the futuristic vibranium African utopia into a neo – colony in service of Western imperialism. The following Kwame Nkrumah quote highlights the fact that this fictional films intent [ art imitating life ] has been and still is a reality: “Africa is a paradox which illustrates and highlights neo- colonialism. Her earth is rich, yet the products that come from above and below the soil continue to enrich, not Africans predominantly, but groups and individuals who operate to Africa’s impoverishment”.

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