It was a pleasure to join Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon once again for this live edition of By Any Means Necessary on Radio Sputnik.  We talked more about Donald Glover, resistance symbolism and the politics of celebrity all in the context of The Vernon Philosophy of Black Media Avoidance.


  1. Really enjoyed it, especially the end….people around the world are bombarded by US ‘culture’ when we are not being maimed and massmurdered by its other ‘arms’…so it was really good to listen to the end, of who is behind these music invasions….and esp. the discussion on Young Karl…cos for the last 30 years of so we’ve been equally assailed by the ‘cultural’ Marx, purporting to promote Gramsci et al, (who is cool too) over Lenin (who the New Yorker dislikes while supposedly liking Karl)…and ignoring that the ‘older’ Marx moved to trying to understand the economics that underwrites movement….and it is economics and its priorities in building any program….that should be included somehow in every discussion we have..

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