Supporters of political prisoner Kevin Rashid Johnson are now calling for help in defense of Johnson who the call states has been “retaliated” against by prison authorities for his continued activism and support of other prisoners.  From the call:

“On May 21, 2018, Kevin Johnson was retaliated against for speaking up on behalf of a mentally ill prisoner named Murphy who was being brutalized by corrections officers at the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution (SRCI). As Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) officers were gassing and assaulting Mr. Murphy for making too much noise, Mr. Johnson raised his voice from inside his solitary confinement cell (in order to be heard on the video and audio recorders on the cell block) and said that prison guards had been abusing Murphy by failing to provide him with needed mental health care, by withholding meals, and by responding to his mental illness with violence by gassing him nine times and brutally extracting him from his cell.”

Read the call for support in its entirety HERE and then please make a call and share widely!


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