It was great joining the inaugural run of The Roundtable with Askia Muhammad for WPFW 89.3FM. We talked very briefly about the new “radical” Democrats and what this may or may not mean.



  1. almost forgot . each of these Progressives use the same . “I support a 2 state solution’ and anti BDS .??? #redflag Tony Cole .

  2. Tonu Cole as aboard member of the CFR ,, Hobson on the board of starbucks , who is this new Black Pac , being funded by, it appears to be an extension of the CFR with Blackface. BHO effect??

  3. If the “new” Democrats or new “radical” Democrats do not embrace the following point of view, and make its manifestation part of their program, how sincere can you be?: “We want to economically destroy capitalism because capitalism goes hand in hand with racism and exploitation. Wherever capitalism has gone, those two characteristics are sure to follow, racism and exploitation, so we must destroy the capitalistic system which enslaves us on the inside and the people of the third world on the outside”. [ Excerpt of undated interview given by Stokely Carmichael aka Kwame Ture, to Mario Menendez, Editor of Mexican Magazine, ‘Sucesos’, during his stay in Havana, Cuba, 1967 ].

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