This was a presentation given during the All Power to the People! Emory Douglas & The Black Panthers hosted by West Den Haag.



  1. Just Entertainment?

    In February 1915, upon viewing The Birth of a Nation at a special White House screening, President Woodrow Wilson reportedly remarked, “It’s like writing history with lightning. My only regret is that it is all so terribly true”.

    It is also terribly true that the U.S. Pentagon assisted in its production: “For over a century, filmmakers in America have received production assistance in the form of men, advice, locations, and equipment from the U.S. military to cut costs and create authentic- seeming films. The Pentagon is, and has been since its creation, the most important governmental force shaping Hollywood movies.

    One of the earliest examples of Hollywood- military cooperation was when the Home Guard provided tanks for the infamous feature film Birth of a Nation [ 1915 ], in which black slaves revolt against their masters, before the Ku Klux Klan ride in on horseback to save the day. This was severe race hate propaganda, which came with government backing.” [ National Security Cinema by Matthew Alford & Tom Secker ].

  2. BRAVO Jared! The one thing I would say about the 3 things the GREAT George Jackson said needed to be done: We need a secret army., we need an underground press., and a political organization, clearly the political organization can’t be done in a society that was designed FOR a class system to benefit the rich class and based on an economic model for capitalism.

    I think this talk is wonderful and will be sharing it many times over time. Thank you for your very good works! I hope to be able to donate to your work once I’m employed! There are but a few really good alternative media outlets that are thinking and speaking out of the cage (box)…you are one of them!

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