For those of us, like our next guest, who have come through the Africana Studies and Research Center at Cornell University, The Hoyt Fuller Room is the central hub within that space and has been host to an infinite number of classes, gatherings and ceremonies, like the one we’ve just left commemorating that center’s founder Dr. James Turner, and yet the man, Hoyt Fuller, exists for most in eponym only. But, not for our next guest. Dr. Jonathan Fenderson, is an assistant professor of African and African American studies at Washington University in St. Louis and has written a fascinating new book which compels this long-awaited visit, Building the Black Arts Movement Hoyt Fuller and the Cultural Politics of the 1960s, University of Illinois press. Fenderson discusses his new book, as well as, the realities of post-uprising Ferguson, the role of or function of public intellectuals, the state of our media environment and much more!


  1. Props from Dr. Roseanne Adderley at Tulane for the book brought me here. This conversation gave me life, thank you. Reaffirmation that a Left agenda can and must be held to against the tides of liberalism and conservatism.

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