Po Peoples Revolutionary Newz Hour: Black Krapitalism to Surviving CoronaVirus


*On this PowerFULL podcast of Po Peoples Revolutionary Radio we will go from Black Krapitalism speaking wit Jared Ball on his new book “The Myth & Propaganda of Black Buying Power & then onto the mis-information/Fear perpetration of CorpRape media on the Coronavirus and the ways to actually strengthen one of our most important tools to fight it- Our Immune System-with Healers Kiran Nigam and Dr Rupa Marya – listen In & Heal UP!!!!

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  1. Mucho thanks for the “Po Peoples Revolutionary Radio”. All subject matter so enlightening and stretching the intellect.

    Liberty, equality, fraternity and democracy is absent in a system of capitalism. According to Huey P. Newton, one of the founders of the Oakland Black Panther Party: “Death is central to the U.S. capitalist system, especially in the form of state- sponsored murder. Without the murderous invasions, coups, and mercenary wars conducted by the U.S. capitalist state and its allied countries, the entire system of finance speculation and profit accumulation would come undone. Mass murder is “collateral damage” for securing markets, resources, geopolitical hegemony, and thus profit, for the “Krapitalist” class”!

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