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  1. “The American idea of racial progress is measured by how fast I become white”: James Baldwin

    The Netflix movie, “The Harder They Fall”, I don’t get it; is it supposed to be ‘hip’ for black people to be stylishly shooting and killing one another

    in a black western film deemed fictional, although portraying real – life characters, who by the way weren’t all gunslingers?

    Critical Race Theory helps us to focus on how whiteness operates in this society. In simpler words– tell the damn truth! One might ask the question,

    are Netflix and it’s creators guilty of omission; carefully choosing and thoughtfully organizing the movie to only enliven, excite or enthuse it’s viewers.

    If the film’s director and screenwriters represented the real – life characters as they actually lived, it may have stood the chance of becoming a more

    progressive and radical one, instead of making a standard wild- west, heavy ‘spaghetti’ western influenced- all American ‘shoot em up’.

    Well, as the late theoretical psychologist, Dr. Amos Wilson once stated:

    "You can't revolt against a people whose values you share".

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