Esi Ramu hosted this discussion of actual African Black Panther fighting societies and African fighting sciences with Ahati Kilindi Iyi.  Kilindi Iyi leads a deeply powerful and multi-dimensional discussion of Africa, the “scared and secret,” a “hidden” world of martial arts, ancestral connection and “fungi warfare.”  As the man says, “if you want to get deeper, just ask the questions.”



  1. Citations are made mostly in passing, so it’s difficult to pursue the interviewee’s discussion further.

  2. Hi Jared,

    I really enjoyed show about African martial arts and Black Panther. Back in December, I sent you a letter and a review copy of Journey to Shaolin Temple by Christopher Williams.

    Please let me know if you received it.

    Thank you

    • My deepest apologies!! I did receive it but have since had everything packed up in a still-as-yet-incomplete office move and i lost track. Your story sounds fascinating but i have to admit to not getting to it or to your book. Apologies again.

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